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Disney Lorcana: Official sales start is imminent

The full trading start of Disney Lorcan starts on September 1st - from then on Ravensburger's new trading card game will be available to buy everywhere...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Strategy game Star Trek: Infinite is coming soon

Paradox Interactive and Nimble Giant Entertainment announced today that their upcoming strategy game Star Trek: Infinite, licensed by Paramount Consumer...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Magic the Gathering: Sad news for fans

Almost every fan of Magic - The Gathering knows the Commander format. It is currently the most popular playing style of the trading card game....

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Harmony: The Fall Reverie is here - Launch of new story game

DON'T NOD, a French independent video game developer and publisher, released the story game Harmony: The Fall Reverie for the PlayStation...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Command & Conquer returns – but not on the PC

Level Infinite today announces a new mobile title in the Command & Conquer universe. In Command & Conquer: Legions, players meet...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

Star Trek Day: New for home cinema in 4K

Soon it will be Star Trek day again: The most famous spaceship in the television and cinema world will fly through home screens again when the...

Andre Volkman Andre Volkman

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