Paradox Interactive, today announces the release of Airport Simulator: First Class from Playrion Game Studio. Available today for both iOS and Android devices, Airport Simulator: First Class combines city building and business management gameplay with strategy.

The game is the first title published by Playrion since its acquisition by Paradox in 2020, following the continued success of the Airlines Manager, which has reached 2022 million downloads by 13.

Simulator should match the Paradox portfolio

Airport Simulator: First Class allows players to build, develop and manage the operations of an entire airport, placing everything from security control to placing cafes, honoring contracts and flight schedules with airlines, and passenger satisfaction from arrival to departure to optimize. From initial planning and construction to upgrades and additions, players' airports can become huge international hubs. Passenger needs and flight schedules are becoming more detailed and complex as airlines grow. The game is free and available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

In city builder gameplay everything an airport needs can be planned and placed, from runways to terminals and everything in between. As the airport grows, new features are added and the player ensures planes have access to fuel, catering and open gates while passengers make their way through security, passport control, shopping and groceries and much more. 

Strategies for the airport have to be developed - do you rely more on cheap flights and short trips or on charter flights and premium airlines? With the conclusion of new contracts, the company expands. Players must ensure they have the infrastructure and capacity to keep up or risk their best partnerships. From staying on budget to organizing flight schedules, everything has to stay in balance.

Last but not least, both the needs of travelers and those of employees must be equally satisfied by ensuring smooth operations on both sides. Keeping passengers happy means keeping business going and avoiding flight delays. Partners are impressed by players making high turnovers and using quality facilities. The attention to detail ensures that there is no turbulence.

"Because this is the first game we're releasing with Paradox, it was very important to me that Airport Simulator: First Class fit well with the Paradox catalog," said Benjamin Cohen, Founder and Studio Manager, Playrion Game Studio . “Our team has worked hard to create both a game that is an exciting new step for our millions of airline manager players and one that is inspired by the paradox ideal of deep, endless games. Airport Simulator: First Class is the result and I can't wait to see what our players can do now that the game is cleared for launch!”

Airport Simulator: First Class is available for download here:

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