The toy publisher Amigo is pleased to say that Cologne became the “centre of joy in play” last weekend. In the Gürzenich, which is located in the heart of the city on the Rhine, visitors could immerse themselves in the Amigo game world. The framework was formed by the five German championships, to which more than 220 tournament participants appeared.

For the fourth time and for the first time since Corona, the Amigo Games Festival opened its doors and attracted game enthusiasts from Germany and other European countries to a big games weekend. The five German championships of the games Wizard, Saboteur, 6 takes!, Bohnanza – The Duel and SET once again formed the heart of the games festival.

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As usual, the thirteenth German Wizard Championship was held on Saturday. For this purpose, 186 previously qualified players traveled to the Rhineland metropolis to measure themselves against Ken Fisher's card game. Alexander Kube emerged as the winner this year. After surviving the preliminary rounds as well as the quarter- and semi-finals, he once again showed all his skills in the final and prevailed against his three competitors. On October 22nd he will then go to the Wizard World Championship in Vienna, where he will compete against the best in the world.

The German saboteur champion David Baum is also allowed to travel to Vienna, where the saboteur world championship is taking place at the same time as the wizard world championship. In addition to a trophy and non-cash prizes, the German champions in Wizard and Saboteur will receive travel expenses from Amigo to the World Cup.

Reiner Sietas became third German champion of the card game "6 takes" by successful author Wolfgang Kramer. In Bohnanza - Das Duell, Udo Möller prevailed against his opponents.

The set open was also held on Sunday. Stefan Bohren from Switzerland took the top spot on the podium. In addition, visitors had the opportunity to win certificates and winner's rosettes at llama table tournaments.

But the games festival was also designed for the whole family. Interested game fans had the opportunity to have the games from Amigo explained to them on site and to borrow them directly for a test game. In particular, the brand new autumn novelties, which appeared just two weeks before the event, were tested diligently. At the individual stations, those who were curious could have the games explained to them and earn a stamp in their game pass when they visited. These completed game passes could then be exchanged for various non-cash prizes such as gym bags or magic mountain balls. As a special highlight, the authors of the incumbent "Children's game of the year 2022“Magic mountain on site. Jens-Peter Schliemann and Bernhard Weber explained their magic mountain to the visitors and invited them to a test game together.

The anniversary edition of the card game classic Bohnanza, Bohniläum, which was published ten years ago, could be purchased at the Amigo Shop. According to the publisher, 100 percent of the income from this game will go to CFI Children's Aid this year.

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