The As d'Or indicates good board games: This year's prizewinners were announced on Thursday evening in Cannes at the "Festival International des Jeux". This year for the first time in four categories. The new category "initié" is the equivalent of the German Kennerspiel.

Before the start of the International Games Days on Friday, the winners of the "French Game of the Year" were announced on Thursday evening in Cannes. This year, a prize was awarded in a further category. In addition to the previous categories for children's games, expert games and the category corresponding to "Game of the Year". for all, this year there was also a separate category for the connoisseur games. Antoine Bauza was directly nominated with two titles: 7 Wonders Architects (tout public) and Oltréé (initié).

The winners in the four categories

The jury rated the 12 nominated games according to fun and replay value, aesthetic aspects (both visual and haptic) and the quality of the rules. As a result of the jury's assessment, the four winners of the "golden ace" have now been determined.

As d'or child's play

Bubble Stories - An escape game for kids

In the kids games, Bubble Stories beat Monster Catcher and Pin Pon! through. In the narrative and cooperative card game, children follow the bubbles and discover, card by card, the places they can travel to. In this way they try to fulfill the objectives of the respective scenario. For example, the first scenario is about finding your friends playing hide and seek at school.

As d'Or connoisseur's game

Living Forest - Protects the forest from Onibi's flames

In addition to the winner, Oltréé and New Countries were also nominated for the first prize in this category. In Living Forest, the players embody nature spirits who try to protect the forest from Onibi's flames. Despite this common goal, only one can win in the end. The German edition of the game is expected to be released by Pegasus-Spiele in March.

As d'Or expert game

Dune: Imperium - First as a book, metal song and film and now as a board game

Iki and The Lost Ruins of Arnak were also nominated in this category, but the Expert Play award went to Dune: Imperium. In this book and film inspired game, players take on the role of one of the great houses of Landsraad and lead their troops and spies in the conflict over Arrakis/Dune - the desert planet. We distribute the game in Germany by Asmodee.

As d'Or "Game of the Year"

7 Wonders Architects: Addition to the popular 7 Wonders series

In the "tout public" category, the prize went to 7 Wonders Architects, who prevailed over Caratventura: Lhasa and Happy City. The newest member of the 7 Wonders family, rated the easiest in the series on BordGameGeek, retains the familiar elements of military, science, civilian points and resource gathering that are already familiar from the other games in the series. The course of the game has been streamlined and each player has the goal of building his or her wonder of the world. As soon as the first wonder of the world has been completely built, the game ends. In Germany the game is distributed by Asmodee.

The website provides further information on the jury and the winners of previous years

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