It has long been known that a board game for Monster Hunter World is in the works at Steamforged Games. In the meantime, however, the publisher has also set up a preview page on Kickstarter in order to prepare for the start of the crowdfunding campaign. There is also a new teaser trailer for the board game adaptation of Capcom's mega-seller - it mentions the exact start date of the Kickstarter campaign. 

The crowdfunding campaign for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, the board game implementation of the popular brand from publisher Capcom, will start in April. Steamforged Games is responsible for the project that was announced last year. As in the template, it's about chasing monsters. At Steamforged Games, the brand seems to be in good hands anyway. The publisher had previously converted several video games into board games: Dark Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil 2.

Due to the popular license, the Kickstarter campaign can be assumed to be a success. The video game has sold over 15 million copies, including Iceborn more than 20 million copies. The total sales of all titles from the Monster Hunter series are more than 60 million. If Steamforged Games can only learn a little from this success, the campaign should be worthwhile in monetary terms. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how successful the project will be as crowdfunding in the end.

Monster Hunter board game offers many hours of story

The course of the game or the basic idea is closely based on the template. The campaign for the Monster Hunter World board game should be particularly exciting, as Steamforged Games relies on a strong narrative element. Over several sessions, players should be occupied with the board game for more than 70 hours, at least if you decide on the luxury pledge, which costs around 200 US dollars when the Kickstarter. Campaign starts. In the basic version, however, the length of the campaign should be around 30 hours. Not only does the campaign length double, but also the number of hunters available. If there are four in the basic game, fans can fall back on eight hunter classes for the all-in pledge.

As with the template, the focus of the board game should be on the different branches of weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The equipment of the players is also essential and offers a playful connection point. Again and again, players will be able to fine-tune their equipment between hunts. It was foreseeable that miniatures would play a major role in this board game - even in video games, the makers are not stingy with gigantism when it comes to the design of the creatures. In the board game, it is not only size, equipment and striking power that are important factors, but also correct positioning.

The Kickstarter campaign for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game goes online on April 20th. In terms of price, the board game is then between around 70 and 200 US dollars. The board game is aimed at up to four players, but can also be played alone.

Source: Kickstarter / SFG

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