The young publisher Shrimp Games is currently looking for support for the localization of Sherwood Bandits in the game company.

In Sherwood Bandits, two to five daring thieves ambush and plunder greedy King John's carriages. In order to overwhelm the Nottingham Sheriff's Guard, they first need enough points on their dice together. This is where the teamwork ends, after all, everyone wants the coveted place in the brotherhood. And only those who make the biggest booty get it.

The further back you place your own thieves on a carriage, the more you can loot. However, you run the risk of not being able to contribute anything to the raid and going completely empty-handed. In addition, anyone who attracts too much attention will be arrested and imprisoned. It is therefore important to assess the risk correctly and to reduce the luck factor by cleverly placing the figures.

If you want to support Shrimp Games and secure your own copy, you can still do so until March 9th in the game forge participate in the project. In addition to the game itself, which is already very valuable, you can also add a neoprene mat and wooden material.

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