Fans of Living Forest, the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022 from Pegasus Spiele, can dare a new challenge this spring - both solo and with several people. The Living Forest: Kodama expansion offers plenty of new material, its own solo mode and exciting additional game elements.

Aske Christiansen's Living Forest, released in 2022, takes the players into a mystical forest threatened by the devastating flames of the Onibi. Playing the roles of the nature spirits Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, it's up to you to help the local wildlife to protect the forest by putting out the flames, planting trees or awakening the forest warden.

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In each round, the players reveal cards from their individual decks that show different forest animals. These bring various elements that the players need to carry out actions. The more frequently the respective element is available to them, the stronger the action becomes. But among the animals there are loners, not too many of which should be uncovered at once.

Living Forest is a push-your-luck game and beautiful illustrations by Apolline Etienne, balancing on the border between sophisticated family game and easy connoisseur game. In 2022, the jury from Spiel des Jahres e. V. and win the award for Kennerspiel des Jahres. Almost a year after the release of the base game, an expansion has now been released with Living Forest: Kodama - and Onibi is more dangerous than ever!

With the expansion, he enters the stone circle in which the nature spirits cavort and attacks the sacred tree with all his might. But support is coming: Sanki has sent little spirits of light to support the players: the Kodamas. They are a new type of card that sits on its own tableau and can be purchased by players with Holy Flowers to add to their deck. In addition to the usual elements, the Kodama cards feature a new symbol that grants players access to special benefits.

The players can get more of these symbols via the twelve new trees from the expansion. Ten new animals with helpful additional abilities also support the nature spirits in the fight against Onibi. Incidentally, this challenge can now also be met by a single nature spirit in the new solo mode, which can only be played with the expansion.

Living Forest: Kodama is available in stores now with a suggested retail price of €27,99.

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