Gaming apps with AR technology have been a hit since Pokémon Go at the latest. Now the book retail trade is also following this trend, in order to get young customers to browse, rummage and puzzle. To this end, Hugendubel is placing its “Weltensammler” app in the Android and Apple stores.

With the launch of the augmented reality (AR) gaming app 'Weltensammler', Hugendubel is now transforming its stores into agent headquarters. Five portals open the gateway to five worlds in which the user must fulfill their mission as a world collector. The game can be played in any Hugendubel bookstore and is the first AR gaming app in German bookstores. 

Hugendubel: "Bookstores are spaces for experience"

Nina Hugendubel, Managing Partner Hugendubel: “Bookstores are spaces for experiences; they invite you to linger, browse, browse, and some people literally sink into other worlds. With the AR Gaming App, we connect the real world of books with the digital world and offer a new approach to books and reading.”

The basic idea of ​​the makers behind the new gaming app: Bookstores are magical places - this is where the books come to life at night, but not every character or object from the stories returns to their book world at night. The world collector agents have to complete numerous missions to bring the hidden and lost things and people back into the books and to make the stories come alive again. To begin the Collector of Worlds mission, start in any Hugendubel bookstore and scan a correspondingly marked code that presents the player with a first puzzle.

After solving it, the portal opens and you can scan the selected book cover to start your missions. The task: find three specific objects that correspond to the book in order to unlock the book. The objects are hidden behind puzzles or in the puzzle itself. As usual in AR games, the real environment is expanded with virtual elements while playing. The user sees his puzzles in front of him in real time; as text, in images or three-dimensional animations. After each item you earn, the puzzles increase in difficulty. If all objects are found, the mission is accomplished.

The 'Conscious Living' portal can also be started by scanning a code on the Hugendubel website and played from home. The associated puzzles can then be solved in your own 'four walls'. Some "Collector of Worlds" special missions can also be completed directly from home.

The AR game can be played alone, in pairs or in teams. A mission, i.e. a book, takes an average of 20 minutes. The reading recommendations for the respective book titles apply as a minimum age guideline.

At launch, the worlds will include the genres 'Entertainment' (Jojo Moyes' 'A Whole Half a Year', Lewis Carroll 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Travel' (Lonely Planet 'Best in Travel'), 'Knowledge' (Yuval Noah Harari 'One brief history of
Mankind"), 'Youth Book' (Elise Kova "Airwoken") and 'Conscious Living' (Marie Kondo "Magic Cleaning"). The gaming app was developed in cooperation with Usaneers and implemented in cooperation with Carlsen Verlag and Ullstein Verlag.

The world of 'Entertainment' will soon be complemented by the book "Bloody Stairs" by Chris Carter. The Weltensammler gaming app will also be expanded to include more worlds, books and exciting missions in the medium term. With its own AR gaming app, Hugendubel is continuing its successful Weltensammler campaign from 2020. At that time, the book retail chain called on the community in its customer app to find lost figures and objects from books. A network of dedicated agents was formed, who enthusiastically completed missions and cracked puzzles together for three weeks.

The app will be available from October 24th Google Play Store or Apple App Store available for download.

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