The CCXP Cologne 2022 will not take place, according to the organizer Koelnmesse. The German offshoot of the Brazilian regular trade fair is therefore also suspended this year. The reason for this is unchanged: Corona. 

The CCXP Cologne is not under a good star. After her debut with around 40.000 visitors In 2019, the organizers had to cancel the convention several times due to the pandemic situation. In the year In 2020 the CCXP Cologne still held as a cosplay competition, a year later nothing worked.

Trade fair: "We are suspending the CCXP 2022 again"

Fans had hoped for an on-site trade fair for the CCXP Cologne in 2022. In the meantime, Koelnmesse had apparently also given a date for the summer and scheduled the event for June - the event weekend for that is now over Comic Con Experience & Cosplay event with Brazilian roots but has been deleted. That alone indicated that the fair would not take place this year either. An inquiry at Koelnmesse has now brought clarity: the CCXP Cologne 2022 is definitely cancelled.

"We are suspending the CCXP 2022 again," it says. "We are currently looking from year to year to see whether and in what form our public events make sense".

As an “event that is not yet established in Europe”, the organizers would like to give the CCXP Cologne the chance to take place again if “the restrictions for our visitors are manageable”, according to Koelnmesse. The idea of ​​the CCXP Cologne does not seem to have been buried yet, so fans can hope that the convention will take place again after a long break, possibly next year.

This is at least conceivable for two reasons: On the one hand, the CCXP Cologne is a real premiere - it is the first Brazilian event that has made it to Germany, as the organizer of the original trade fair and license holder Omelete Group announced at the start of the German spin-off. On the other hand, the CCXP Cologne started with a noteworthy debut in this country. The fan opinions were mostly positive, even if it was here and there there was still room for improvement.

Since September 2021, however, there has been grave silence on the social media channels of the convention. However, there is a simple reason for this, as Koelnmesse reports: "Without an event, we lack the relevant content," they say. The silence there may be forgiven.

"We very much hope to be able to organize the CCXP again soon," informs the Cologne trade fair.

Information about CCXP Cologne is available at: Comic Con Experience & Cosplay Event | CCXP COLOGNE.

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