The makers of Gamescom 2021 promise a "comprehensive show program with over 70 developers and publishers". Over 30 games are to be shown as part of the opening show Opening Night Live with Geoff Keighley. Marketer Webedia also recently announced that it would act as a partner of Gamescom and use the Gamescom now format. 

Gamescom, the world's largest event for computer and video games, first takes stock Digital premiere last year. Messe 2020 celebrated great successes with its shows: over 100 million video views across all formats and channels, over 50 million unique users from 180 countries and over two million simultaneous live viewers at Gamescom: Opening Night Live - which is directly in the The top group of last year's international event livestreams from the games industry landed.

This year it was a bit chaotic - this was due to the corona situation, which had not been foreseeable for a long time and basically still is not. Even if it is now becoming apparent that events could be carried out largely without restrictions. The organizers of Gamescom can be credited with the fact that they have not switched to an on-site format after all - purely online is not what fans want, but in view of the pandemic situation it is a far safer option. There were hybrid considerations, these were ultimately discarded. So the Gamescom is again purely digital, but the content is impressive.

Opening of Gamescom 2021: 30 games at the start

Gamescom is now announcing details of this year's show program for the first time. In total, game novelties from over 70 developers and publishers were selected by the editors for the German and English language shows. Many other partners present themselves and their games at Gamescom now.

The preparations for the big opening show of gamescom 2021 are in full swing. Geoff Keighley, host and producer of gamescom: Opening Night Live, gets in the mood for this year's program: “We are looking forward to producing another gamescom: Opening Night Live, which this year will present over 30 games from across the industry. The community can look forward to new game announcements as well as updates on the most anticipated games and other surprises with guests on stage and more - all on livestream for fans around the world. "

Gamescom: Opening Night Live starts on August 25th at 19:30 p.m. (CEST) with a half-hour pre-show. The main show will then run from 20:00 p.m. to 22:00 p.m. (CEST). For the first time, Natascha Becker from GameStar will support Geoff Keighley, a co-presenter from Germany. Gamescom: Opening Night Live will be broadcast on the gamescom channels as well as on various other channels on Twitch and YouTube. Numerous creators co-stream and comment on the program in various languages.

IGN all-star cast rocks in the studio and on Venice Beach

The English-language gamescom studio will start on August 25th from 22:00 pm to midnight (CEST) with an aftershow for gamescom: Opening Night Live. After that, it will run from August 24, 00:26 p.m. (CEST) to August 19, 00:27 a.m. (CEST). On the last official gamescom day, August 01, the show will run from 00:27 p.m. to 19:00 : 24 p.m. (CEST). The show is again produced by IGN. Gameplay deep dives, trailer premieres, analyzes of the latest announcements and memorabilia from all of gamescom history will be presented by an all-star cast of the IGN family. Among others: Daemon Hatfield, known from “Game Scoop!” And “Next Gen Console Watch”, Akeem Lawanson, creator behind “GeekHeavy” and moderator of “IGN The Fix: Entertainment” and Stella Chung, co-host of Apex Legends Global Series Championship and host of the IGN Weekly Fix.

The show gamescom: Awesome Indies, which focuses on the hotly anticipated indie titles, is also produced by IGN. Michael Swaim is again the moderator, who will present around 40 indie games on the show. In order to do justice to the special feeling of the indie scene, trailer presentations and new releases are supplemented with comedy bits and other surprises in various locations around Venice Beach. gamescom: Awesome Indies runs on Thursday, August 26th, from 20:30 pm to 22:00 pm (CEST).

Well-known Webedia faces provide over 20 hours of live programming

As in the previous year, the German-language gamescom studio will be produced by Webedia. Like the English counterpart, the German-language program starts on August 25th from 22pm to midnight (CEST) with an aftershow for gamescom: Opening Night Live. On August 00th and 24th, the German-language gamescom studio will run from 00:26 p.m. to 27:14 p.m. (CEST). Interviews, game presentations, panels and community activities are presented by familiar faces: Michael Obermeier from GameStar will moderate the day's program together with Kiara Hufnagel. Ann-Kathrin Kuhls from GamePro and Julius Busch from the Twitch channel MAX lead through the evening shows.

At Webedia, the partnership is once again summarized in more detail: In addition to moderation, the gaming editors offer an extensive supporting program. Interviews, game presentations, panels and community activities are planned for the two main days of the event, August 26th and 27th. Overall, users can look forward to more than 20 hours of live stream.

There is a bit of a surprise in Gamescom 2021 - the actors have properly fine-tuned the program. Photo: Volkmann

There is a bit of a surprise in Gamescom 2021 - the actors have properly fine-tuned the program. Photo: Volkmann

“Due to the renewed digital orientation of the event, the preparations were a very special challenge. Our learnings from 2020 helped us a lot. In this way, the teams were once again able to put together an entertaining program full of highlights for the spectators this year. I'm very excited to see how the audience will react to our live shows," says René Heuser, Director Gaming at Webedia.

Tim Endres, Director gamescom at Koelnmesse, is pleased about the renewed collaboration with Webedia: “It is important to us that we implement the best possible program with our partners for our community every year. Together with Webedia, we managed the challenging switch to 2020% digital at gamescom 100. For this year we have refined our formats again and I am already looking forward to following the live program together with the global community from August 25th! "

The entire content of gamescom, including all shows, will be displayed again this year on the Gamescom now content hub bundled and accessible to the community free of charge. As in 2019 and 2020, Webedia Gaming GmbH is responsible for the content on the platform.

In addition, the entire gamescom studio is streamed on the websites of Webedia Gaming,, and as well as on all partner channels of gamescom.

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