A demo could already be seen at the international game days in Essen, now the matching financing campaign for the board game adaptation of Larian's role-playing game Divinity Original Sin is running on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Fans have until December 20th to support the project; the campaign has already been successfully funded.

Larian Studios, together with Lynnvander Studios, had targeted around 145.000 euros as a financing target in order to be able to produce the board game for the video game Divinity Original Sin. Shortly after the start of the campaign, it was clear: the thing would be a success.

Divinity Original Sin: board game brings back familiar locations

The financing goal has long been reached. Fans already reassured, fans can now signal their support in the coming days and also put money into one of three versions of Divinity Original Sin - The Board Game.

The standard version costs the equivalent of 109 euros, at 150 euros the Premium Edition is correspondingly more expensive, but contains additional miniatures as part of the Boss upgrade. On the other hand, fans have to shell out almost 200 euros for the Extended Edition, for which there are also two side quest boxes, each with their own stories, including two boss miniatures.

The makers also use the role-playing template for the board game implementation: 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up, embody typical characters of classic fantasy and experience adventures driven by a background story. The "Chronicle System", in which players have to make decisions, is intended to influence the future of the game.

The highlight: Every board game contains a unique one-time code with which you can send your game progress to the developers at Lynnvaner Studios. The creators then use all of these submissions to develop future content. The board game for Divinity Original Sin is not a legacy board game - the decisions are only used to develop expansion content. In this way, individual game components can change - provided that extensions actually appear. Ultimately, that will depend on the success of the board game.

Even without a legacy system, the creators assume that you have to play several games in order to discover all of the content. According to the developers, players should discover around 25 percent of the available content for each campaign played through.

Otherwise, the board game for Divinity Original Sin seems to be based on classic role-playing board games: Characters have different skills and abilities - very typical of role-playing games. The game world is recreated with the help of cards: During the exploration phase, players have to decide on a "path" and thus reach treasures, fall into traps or trigger fights.

Especially exciting for fans of the video game template: a large number of locations already known from the role-playing game will also return to the game board - there will also be numerous new places to discover. A total of 520 locations made it into the final concept. In addition, there is everything you would expect from role board games: skill cards, items, lots of dice and tons of tokens.

The board game implementation is scheduled to appear in October 2020. The right crowdfunding campaign is on Kickstarter here .

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