After “Guess What?!” Rafael Schäfer and Jan-Niklas Ollmann are working on the next party game, “Chicken son – Now it's time to eat!”. We were able to talk to Jan-Niklas about the "slightly different" drinking game, which was already on 06.12. on Kickstarter will appear and promises a lot of fun and good mood.

Huhnsohn is a drinking game that wants to try something new in the otherwise monotonous genre and also looks better than its competition. With funny characters and the eponymous chicken son, 2 - 5 players or with the expansion even up to 10 people can fill each other up as the mood takes them.

Something different

Classic for drinking games is the goal to let the other players drink a lot and to get as few sips as possible. Huhnsohn doesn't want to be as dull or stupid as other drinking games, but wants to offer its players a classic card game that can also be played with a little strategy. The game is never too complicated (even for drunkards).

There are three card types. Drinking, trading and action cards.

There are three card types. Drinking, trading and action cards. Image: Pekuli

Huhnsohn is playfully reminiscent of Exploding Kittens. There are six drinking cards included in the base game. These tell you how many sips you have to take. The worst card is the eponymous chicken son. If you draw the character reminiscent of the NewKids series, the drink has to be ext. The rest of the cards consist of collectible and action cards. Trading cards can only ever be played in pairs. Then you steal a card from an opponent and distribute two sips to them. Such attacks can be defended with action cards. Action cards can also be used, for example, to skip a turn or look at the top cards of the draw pile.

Creative character and box design

Each card type has its own characters. These were designed in cooperation with the Swiss company BRAINFORART, which has also been involved in the well-known party game asshole child. Within the Kickstarter campaign there will be stretch goals in which the backers can vote for additional characters that will be integrated into the game if the respective goal is reached. A nice detail has also been thought of for the box. The playing cards can be inserted into them like a piece of a puzzle and finally result in an overall picture that shows the crazy world of the chicken son.

Each card type has an individual character design.

Each card type has an individual character design. Image: Pekuli

Campaign starts on December 06.12th.

The game will be during the 32-day campaign offered in two variants. For 23 euros, the basic game can be financed for 2 – 5 game ends. The basic game including the expansion for up to 10 game ends can be purchased for 34 euros. If you get there very early, you can even get the latter in the early bird for only 30 euros. In addition, various merchandise can be booked. Included are a hoodie, glasses or the chicken son's mullet.

Huhnsohn – Now it's time for the eggs! is a perfect game for a classic flat share, birthday or student party, which promises a lot of fun as well as drinking. As early as May 2023, supporters can fill each other up with the game.

Information about Huhnsohn – Now it's time for the eggs!

Number of players: 2 to 5 (+ expansion 10 game ends)
Age: from 16 years
Playing time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Classification: party game, drinking game
Core Mechanisms: Hand Management, Push Your Luck

Author: Rafael Schäfer, Jan-Niklas Ollmann
Illustrations: Brainfart
Publisher: Peculi
Official Website: Link

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