Dead Space Remake is here, and it's been worth the wait. The new edition makes the horror adventure on the USG Ishimura more intense than ever before. It's great that Electronic Arts and EA Motive have brought the classic back to gaming screens. But the fact that fans can now enjoy the game in a polished form is even better.

There are two things that are proven to make everything better: Bacon on the one hand, and surround sound on the other. The latter turns a sci-fi horror game into a real tour de force. The developers had warned the fans before the release: You shouldn't play the remake of Dead Space in the dark with headphones. But what do the recommendations on Facebook, Twitter and Co matter anyway? Exactly! 

So it started in the dark with the horrible trip on the spaceship Ishimura. With headphones, of course - with the innovative Nuraphone from manufacturer Nura on or in the ears. There was no longer any outside noise, instead pure immersion. In combination with the grandiose graphics, the partially renewed game world design and the almost perfect gameplay, the remake of Dead Space is not just a nice new edition, but a new game in parts. Above all, one that is pure horror. 

Space survival horror 

"Why all the fuss?" veteran gaming fans might ask. Survival horror in space - there have been thousands of them in film, television and in gambling dens. Yes, but seldom has an experience been as gripping as Dead Space, which scared the end of the game when it was first released in 2008. The remake comes at just the right time: Electronic Arts is releasing the game at a moment when linear games are booming again. Due to the grandiose original alone, the chances were good that the remake could also be good. Sure, the feeling you get when you play through a video game for the very first time cannot be repeated. But EA Motive has managed to get very close - some sequences of the remake are actually new, unprecedented and therefore particularly intense. 

dead space remake test 4

Dismemberment is a gameplay element, not just showmanship. Image: EA

It was courageous that Dead Space was brought out of the mothball box again after around 15 years. Mainly because the conclusion of the trilogy no longer reached the quality of its predecessors. But now the old love for one of the best survival horror games ever flared up again. And the remake of Dead Space teaches players to fear. 

Already seen…

Those who know the predecessor experience a déjà vue. Everyone else experiences the sheer horror. Ultimately, the remake of Dead Space remains the same Dead Space that fans learned to love – and sometimes hate – in 2008. However, some obvious changes are already recognizable at first glance: the developers have pimped the USG Ishimura optically and spatially - it is a large, coherent space playground: shortcuts included. The remake of Dead Space opens up new connections, some of which represent alternatives to the monorail.

The basically small design trick turns out to be a real atmosphere-bringer, because the developers set small but noticeable accents in the otherwise quite familiar-looking survival adventure, especially with new rooms and new puzzles. New side quests also help fans explore the spaceship in a more focused way. Incidentally, it doesn’t look fake. The few new side missions also fit into the big picture. 

dead space remake test 2

The developers even get a little more out of the story. Image: EA

The giant ship really comes into its own thanks to the grandiose sound design – the developers sometimes give the impression that the ship itself is an evil entity. 

Basically, given the near-perfect framework, the developers had it pretty easy. But making a remake a little bit better – minus the nostalgic emotions mentioned – than the original is not something that can be taken for granted. However, EA Motive had already shown what they can do with Star Wars Squadrons and before that Star Wars Battlefront II. 

Tactical meat grinder

Overall, the remake underlines the qualities of the original: the puzzles are still to the point, driving the story forward - that was a great strength around 15 years ago. In contrast to genre competitors, the puzzles actually had a meaning, were not just illogical occupational therapy, but fundamental elements of the gameplay and the plot at the same time. Speaking of the story: it's not necessarily a great moment for the story authors, but it's also not a failure for a survival game. The technician Isaac Clarke and his experiences on the spaceship occupied by the mutated crew is better than one would initially assume. And with the remake, the story gets a little better, more understandable, more frightening with details like radio communication or recordings. 

dead space remake test 3

The gameplay is basically the same as the original, but sometimes EA Motive goes a step further. Image: EA

Nevertheless, the greatest strength of Dead Space remains the hard-hitting action, coupled with the playful claim. The dismemberment system - the tactical dismemberment of opponents - remains a challenge. The bloody slaughter is not just showmanship, but the central survival element against the sometimes fast monsters. In addition, some clever actions can be started with stasis or kinesis: you throw objects at the opponent or temporarily put yourself in a state in which you can at least hit them better. All the gimmicks are familiar to fans of the series – newcomers should face minor challenges with the remake of Dead Space. The improvements will especially appeal to veterans: The plasma cutter can be customized with new bonus functions, which the developers can use to eliminate some of the blunders from the original (close combat!).

The remake of Dead Space is therefore not a pure repetition, but a successful bridge piece in the middle between nostalgia and modernity. This not only applies visually, but also playfully. The best example in the case of Dead Space: the thrusters with which technician Isaac Clarke can move through space. 


Number of players: single player
Age: from 18 years
Difficulty: medium
Long-term motivation: medium
Genre: Action
Subgenre: survival shooter

Developer: EA Motive
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Official Website: Link
Year of publication: 2023
Platforms (Test system): PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC 
Language: German
Costs: from 69,99 euros 



The Dead Space remake is a must-read for fans of the original. One of the best survival horror games in gaming history is not just a tad, but much better. And for those who have not yet experienced Dead Space on the screen: Here is the chance to close the educational gap in a playful way. 

EA Motive has managed to up the ante with the remake in all the notable places. More atmosphere, a little more story, gameplay even more to the point, sensible improvements - but overall a gameplay that corresponds to the "template". This is how nostalgia really meets modernity. The developers don't allow themselves real blunders. On the contrary: you iron out even minor mistakes from back then.

Sure, Dead Space is still Dead Space - still with weaknesses in backtracking. But at least the developers have defused the all too dull sequences. The action-packed banging, which is extremely tactical for a shooter, makes up for lengthy passages. The atmosphere is terrific and even more terrifying today than it was then, even though Dead Space was an enormously scary game 15 years ago. By the way, the original is still competitive today and outshines many modern survival shooters. 

Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of the Dead Space remake? The game time! It's decent at around twelve hours, but you just want a lot more of it. 

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