The best tanks in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight can be guessed based on the data available so far. Two classes share the top spot. The protection paladin might not do so well at the start of the expansion.

The new talent trees have also mixed up some of the tank classes for the start of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Above all, it is the numerous combinations and synergies of the talents that ensure that the best tanks emerge in the protection classes in the new expansion. The ranking is not a final list, but a forecast based on the current data, including an assessment of the efficiency of the talents.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight switches through

Despite the PTR and beta, there is far from enough data on the true meta-game to create meaningful rankings. Nevertheless, even with the tanks - as with the damage dealers and healers - already some advantages in the specializations. Currently, the main considerations are survivability, the mass of threats generated and mobility. 

 WoW: Dragonflight – Tank Ranking

 S Tier:
Protection warrior, revenge demon hunter

 A Tier: Brewmaster Monk, Blood Death Knight

 B Tier: Guardian Druid

 C-Tier: protection paladin

In the S tier, two classes show their particularly efficient side in the ranking of the best tanks in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: the protection warrior and the revenge demon hunter. Especially the protection warrior have received a decent buff from the revamp of the talents. This places you quite clearly at the top of the ranking for the best tanks in Dragonflight. The play style remains largely unchanged, but additional talents now ensure that players can act more effectively in certain situations. 

But it gets even better: Due to the large number of talents, protection warriors can now also specialize in different ways. 

Overall, the defensive skill of the warriors has increased significantly, especially compared to the other tank classes. The Protection Warrior is also more mobile with Shield Charge and Fast Footwork, as well as the Heroic Leap. In the raid area, the warrior is therefore significantly upgraded, and players should also benefit in Mythic+, after all, this time there are more efficient ways to build up enough threat in the AoE segment so that the damage dealers can bomb hard. 

It is no less efficient Revenge Demon Hunter, which was already extremely mobile and will remain so. Not much has changed since Shadowlands, so the class remains one of the best tanks in Dragonflight. Players have to change, especially when it comes to rotation and the timing of skills. The mechanics of the enormous self-healing of the specialization remain exciting. Vengeance Demon Hunters are only relegated to second place, at least when compared to Protection Warriors, because they have fewer active damage mitigation talents. While that's enough for magic damage and the self-heal absorbs a lot, the healers still need to do a little more to keep the demon hunter alive on physical hits. 

Brewmaster Monk and Blood Death Knights can be found in Dragonflight's best tank rankings in Tier A. But there is a special feature with the monks: Experienced master brewers will be able to play much more efficiently and will thus come within reach of the S tier - everyone else will have to make concessions due to the more complicated way of playing. However, if you master the Braumeister perfectly, you will find in him a grandiose tank that can withstand physical damage extremely well with the Stagger concept. The challenge with the Brewmaster lies in the area of ​​​​the best tanks in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight in the need to adapt to the partly new way of playing.

The Blood Death Knight is much easier to play, but is no less good at self-healing than the demon hunter. He is not primarily concerned with preventing damage, but with good timing to replenish the loss of life force. Blood Death Knights are somewhat lacking in mobility and overall party utility is less pronounced - preventing them from being in the top tier of Dragonflight's best tanks. 

The Guardian Druid is an excellent AoE tank, but shows weaknesses when it comes to single targets. Nevertheless: Especially in Mythic+, the druid as a protection class will be a great alternative due to the damage it deals. 

The protection paladin weakens. For him, the best tanks from Dragonflight only suffice for the C tier. This is mainly due to the curbed opportunities to generate Holy Power. Shield of Righteousness is thus significantly weakened. After all: Bastion of Light can have a balancing effect and the protection paladin. So the Prot-Pala isn't a bad tank, it just lacks overall efficiency at the moment.

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