A new Iron Man video game is in development at EA Motive. Publisher Electronic Arts has now officially announced this.

The new Iron Man video game is being created under the direction of Olivier Proulx. Much more exciting: It will be a pure single-player title. Fans can therefore probably get ready for a lot of story support and an atmospheric presentation. 

Iron Man: Game is just beginning

The Iron Man game announced by Electronic Arts is a third-person action-adventure game - it features an "original story" and EA Motive has been working closely with Marvel to make the most of the original. Fans should be able to feel what it's like to "actually play as Iron Man".

At Marvel, however, they are thrilled that EA Motive is responsible for the implementation. The talented team is to be commended. And indeed, the previous works are quite impressive: With Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadrons very good to excellent titles have been developed. In addition, there is the remake of Dead Space announced for 2023. So the developers of the Canadian studio don't have to hide from big IPs. 

Olivier Proulx comments: "It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to create a video game based on one of the most iconic superheroes in entertainment today." 

From his brief remarks, it is at least clear that a new and unique story will be created for the Iron Man video game. Marvel really encourages the team to create something new. "We have a lot of freedom, which is very exciting for the team," said Proulx. 

However, anyone who was hoping for an early release after the announcement will be disappointed: The development of the Iron Man game is still in its infancy. In the course of the process, of course, you always want to publish new bits of information. Nevertheless, a medium-term release is not to be expected, after all, EA Motive is currently still busy with the Dead Space remake.  

And something else is exciting: Iron Man is the "first of several new games" being developed in this new collaboration with Marvel. Since rumors about a Black Panther game have also been around for a long time, there could be a grain of truth in it. Whatever the truth of the rumor, it also says that the new Iron Man video game should be out first. So fans need patience – in both cases. 


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