7 Wonders is not only a bestseller, but also one of the most influential board games of the past decade. The basic concept was left unchanged for a long time - with Edifice, however, Repos Production now introduces a completely new trick: cooperation. 

Against each other, but still together - this is how the idea behind 7 Wonders: Edifice can be summarized. The popular board game series, which appears in this country in a localized version via Asmodee, is thus being rethought, at least in small parts. 

Edifice: Designing major projects together

According to Repos Production, 7 Wonders: Edifice will be the most accessible expansion in the series to date. The publisher had revealed this in a press release for the worldwide announcement - by the way, it had been concerted globally to really drum up the advertising for Edifice. Instead of more of the same, this time there is actually something new with the cooperative mechanism. 7 Wonders will be different with Edifice, but not more complex because of that. It should remain the beginner-friendly board game that it was until now - one of the great strengths is therefore unchanged.

Players will – if they wish – try to realize large projects together. The expansion is apparently a further development of one of two game variants of 7 Wonders: Babel, which admittedly has not been well received by every fan. There, too, there was the option of working together on a project. 

"Buildings add a layer of strategy to 7 Wonders without affecting the length of the game," the publisher writes in its press release. However, the consequences must be weighed up. Cooperation has advantages, but there are also consequences. In any case, when a building is completed, rewards lure that escape the loners. And one goes away anyway, because the number of tokens is limited. 

The new game box includes two new Wonder boards (Ur and Carthage) and is playable with all previous versions of 7 Wonders. 

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