The board game based on the action role-playing game Elden Ring has already generated around ten times the target sum via crowdfunding on Kickstarter. For the British publisher Steamforged Games, the project is a great success.

If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, fans can also enjoy Elden Ring as a board game. That's exactly what it looks like: with the targeted 172.000 euros as a financing sum, Steamforged Games has already taken in tenfold with around 1,7 million euros. 

Elden Ring: Board Game coming early Summer 2024

With the ongoing hype surrounding the Elden Ring video game, hardly anyone assumed the crowdfunding project would fail. Nevertheless: Because Kickstarter enthusiasts in particular can sometimes react bitchy when details of a campaign turn out differently than hoped, it is sometimes a nail-biter for publishers, even with well-known brands. 

Everything has been going smoothly for the Elden Ring board game so far. After about two hours, the one million US dollar mark fell. One day after the start of the campaign, the crowdfunding project is already heading for the next million mark. Elden Ring remains a hit as an "analog game" as well. 

It remains to be seen how high Steamforged Games can still drive the amount of swarm financing. You can until December 2nd support the board game

The entry-level pledge is comparatively moderate at 87 euros. According to the publisher, the board game for one to four players already includes more than 20 hours of campaign play time. If you want to spend more, you can do that too - in two further steps it goes up to around 420 euros for the all-in pledge. One might think that he will only be supported by a few die-hard fans. At Elden Ring, the players obviously tick differently: the most expensive package is also the most booked. Almost 3.500 fans are paying a lot for the epic gaming experience. 

For comparison: the core pledge for around 176 euros is currently supported by around 1.500 fans; the budget version not even 300. 

Above all, the unusual distribution ensures that Steamforged Games is chasing millions shortly after the start. One reason for fans to resort to the significantly more expensive support packages is the splitting up of the game world. The base box only includes Limgrave, other expansions also cover The Weeping Peninsula and Stormveil Castle. 

The Elden Ring board game uses a card-based combat system. It's not primarily about luck, but about wise decisions. Players trigger actions by playing cards, another deck determines damage and effects. Each enemy in the Elden Ring board game also has its own AI deck. 

All that is required of fans is patience. The board game for Elden Ring should not be delivered until May 2024. 



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