The premium audio brand EPOS introduces the new external sound card GSX 1000 2nd Edition. The 2nd Edition builds on the success of the GSX 1000 with an updated design, improved microphone performance and a USB-C socket.

The second edition of the GSX 1000 offers state-of-the-art 7.1 surround sound and allows sound profiles to be precisely tailored to the player's preferences without affecting the intelligibility of the in-game entertainment. The GSX 1000 2nd Edition provides a unique, improved sound experience in an outstanding device.

The external sound card with a new design

The GSX 1000 2nd Edition impresses with modern optical innovations, including the new, elegant black-on-black look with improved volume control and LED touchscreen display with Windows synchronization. The sound card is powered via the included USB-C cable - a clear improvement over the micro-USB cable used in the original GSX 1000. Microphone performance has also been improved for more immersive communication thanks to an improved 16-bit/48KHz sound format and enable crystal clear voice recording.

The specially developed high-tech audio engine offers greater immersion and improved audio performance. Thanks to customizable 7.1 surround sound, the GSX 1000 2nd Edition produces deep, natural bass, balanced mids and clear highs to transmit precise signals. Players can also use the sound direction option to amplify sound from all directions, giving them the edge in heated online battles. Specially tuned presets such as the "Story", "Esport" and "Neutral" modes are already installed.

A good balance between game audio and voice chat is of paramount importance to many gamers. By controlling game audio and voice chat separately, both can be quickly adjusted to ensure clear communication even in the middle of a battle. The GSX 1000 2nd Edition allows gamers to easily adapt their audio mixing. Customizable options include surround sound, reverb, EQ, and tone direction, all in harmony with voice chat to keep it clear and understandable.

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