Pugstorm and Fireshine Games have announced the first details of the next major expansion for Core Keeper. The Desert of Beginnings is a free update scheduled for release this November. The full roadmap of content coming in 2022 has also been released.

The Desert of Beginnings follows the release of Core Keeper's first major expansion, The Sunken Sea. Now, a brand new desert biome is being introduced to the multi-million selling mining sandbox adventure, along with the sizzling hot new underground biome, Molten Quarry. As players explore the dunes and tombs of the desert, they will encounter a variety of new enemies. These include the Bomb Scarab, Lava Butterfly, and Cave Assassin, which they must defeat on their way to defeating the colossal new boss, Ra-Akar, the Sand Titan.

Core Keeper: Sandbox in Early Access

With the new Galaxite ore, players can craft more weapons and equipment and continue to build and expand their bases. Another vehicle type will also be introduced, giving players a new way to traverse the desert sands.

The Desert of Beginnings also introduces Steam achievements to the game for the first time and adds additional localization support. This allows players to add their own Latin languages. The Desert of Beginnings will be available to all Core Keeper players as a free downloadable update on Steam in November.

In addition to revealing initial details, Pugstorm also announced a host of additional free content and events coming to Core Keeper later this year. Cozy Caverns, a cosmetic content update developed based on community feedback, will offer players a number of new ways to decorate their bases. The update will be released for free on September 14th, while seasonal in-game events centered around Halloween and Christmas will take place later this year. The third major update for Core Keeper, introducing a new crystal biome, will be available in 2023. The full roadmap with the schedule for the new content is available on Steam.

"The incredible success of Core Keeper has given us the opportunity to reassess our plans and significantly increase the amount of content we can add to the game for free during Early Access," said Sven Thole, COO & Lead Animator at Pugstorm . “We are very excited to present our full roadmap for 2022 and to confirm the first details of The Desert of Beginnings. We've listened to player feedback at every step and hope our revamped roadmap and offering of future content will get the community excited about the future of the game."

Core Keeper is a mining sandbox adventure for one to eight players set in an ancient cave full of creatures, resources and trinkets. In the game, relics and resources must be mined to build your own base, craft new gear, and survive. There are also huge monsters to fight, secrets to unravel, crops to harvest, new recipes to cook and a procedurally generated underground world to be explored to unravel the mystery of the ancient core.

Core Keeper is available in Steam Early Access.

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