The new Ambush update for Daedalic Entertainment's high seas tactical thriller Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is now available. This adds a new game mode, Ambush, to the destroyer simulation, giving players a new tactical perspective, with a greater focus on the search element and a slightly more leisurely gameplay experience.

In addition, the extension offers quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes for the DRT station. For example, auto-drawing now resumes immediately after a scale change. The submarine's ascent and descent speed has been reduced and the air support is now more effective at suppressing the submarines. New content for the Supporter Pack is an interview with Daedalic Entertainment's submarine hunting experts.

Limited-time discount on Steam

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is an innovative genre-bending destroyer simulation that faithfully simulates the combat of escort groups protecting Allied convoys against German U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic. Players take control of a Fletcher-class destroyer, putting them in charge of all the critical tasks of a fleet. Certain tasks can be automated to focus on what's important, but all actions can also be performed manually.

These include, for example, identifying enemy ships, analyzing their expected route, and positioning and commanding your own forces to intercept and attack the enemy. Thus, players immerse themselves in the full spectrum of anti-submarine warfare.

To mark the update, Daedalic Entertainment is offering a 25 percent discount for the game on Steam. This is valid until November 22nd.


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