Attention fans of pixel nostalgia: The advance sale for “The unofficial GBA pixel book” by Robert Bannert and Thomas Nickel has started. Retro fans can browse over 300 pages of background reports, analyzes and classifications, adorned with concentrated pixel splendor, and review the most important titles of the GBA era

For EUR 64,95, early bird pre-orderers not only receive the noble hardcover collection, but also a slipcase and the first volume of the new “Pixelfibel” series. "The unofficial GBA pixel book" and the "Pixelfibel" will be published by August 2023 at the latest.

Early bird pre-order promotion

Today, retro has long been part of the good gamer tone - but 20 years ago enthusiasm for pixel graphics, as we know them from the 8 and 16-bit era, was by no means a matter of course. Because at that time, the early 3D generation had a firm grip on the world of video games. Exception: The handheld sphere! Fueled by the early "Pokémon" success, the almost forgotten Game Boy experiences a second spring and even experiences further hardware iterations: After the Game Boy Color comes the Game Boy Advance - exactly the little 2D and retro memory Powerhouse that finally makes pixel graphics socially acceptable again and brings back many of your favorite brands to 16-bit fans.

It's no wonder that Nintendo's handy pixel grab bag is the declared favorite pocket game of games journalists Robert Bannert and Thomas Nickel: after the two of them have already described and illustrated the 16-bit cosmos with retro books on Super Nintendo and Mega Drive their third pixel book is now dedicated to the Game Boy Advance. Your "unofficial GBA pixel book" describes on over 300 pages how perhaps the best generation of handhelds felt. They illustrate the most beautiful and most important classics of this mobile daddling era with the help of a number of illustrations and level maps specially made for this book - even more numerous, detailed and larger than in the first two pixel books. The concentrated pixel splendor is flanked editorially by numerous classifications, analyses, background reports and a foreword by the well-known German games journalist Heinrich Lenhardt.

At the start of the pre-sale, the publishing house "edition elektrospieler" is offering "The unofficial GBA pixel book" as part of an exclusive early bird pre-order campaign limited to three months: those who buy it now will not only get that for 64,95 euros noble hardcover collection, but also a slipcase and the first volume of the new "Pixelfibel" series - a series of numbered retro works, each of which is about a single game or a single game brand. It starts with a pixel primer about the GBA adventure "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap" - the book also contains appendices and other content for "A Link to the Past & Four Swords".

Like its predecessors, “The Unofficial GBA Pixel Book” comes on chlorine-free, 150-gram paper with high-quality thread binding. The book, including the hardcover, measures 21,5 by 21,5 centimetres. The processing of the presumably 128-page pixel primer "Ocarina Solo at the Lakeside Cabin" corresponds to that of the pixel book, the dimensions are 16,5 by 16,5 centimeters. The price of a pixel primer is normally 24,95 euros, the new pixel book with slipcase (without pixel primer) will cost 2023 euros in regular advance sales (probably from February 54,95).

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