Conan Exiles adds a third chapter to Age of Sorcery. This further expands Funcom's open-world survival game. The game gets a new free update today with a paid battle pass and a Bazaar shop for cosmetic upgrades.

Players get a first look at customizing your own golem, revamping the journey system, a new boss encounter, and more in the launch trailer.

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Thanks to the complete redesign of the Journey system, Chapter 3 is one of the best times for new and experienced players to experience or revisit Conan Exiles for the first time. The journey system simplifies finding any content and exploring the world without sacrificing the openness and freedom of Conan Exiles. Players choose a journey to follow and simply follow the quests. There are numerous mysteries to be explored as players master all aspects of the war, crafting, building and earning valuable rewards with each completed journey.

Today's update includes another brand new feature - Golem Shaping. Players scour the world for different items and materials to create a powerful warden. These can destroy their opponents or, for the first time in Conan Exiles, automatically collect materials.

In today's update, players will also take part in the final epic battle that will end Age of Sorcery. They meet the new boss Kurak, the one responsible for spreading sorcery to the Exiled Lands.

Age of Sorcery will be followed by another age. With Age of Sorcery, Conan Exiles has created a new way to deliver free and paid content. The next age will feature three more major chapters of free content, coupled with a collection of themed cosmetics in the Battle Pass and Bazaar Shop.

Solo, co-op or multiplayer, players can take the first steps in this new journey on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The game is also available on PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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