The German version of Frosthaven can now be pre-ordered via Tierra del Fuego. The publisher reports this. The costs are around 270 euros. The dungeon crawler board game is expected to be available in stores for around 360 euros.

With the campaign, Frosthaven at that time a record in the crowdfunding sector can set up - and on a small level it is now also starting successfully in Germany. The publisher Feuerland Spiele has activated pre-orders for Frosthaven: players can now secure the title. According to the publisher, around 1.500 pre-orders have already been received – and the trend is rising. For Tierra del Fuego games, this is also worthwhile in terms of sales: you are heading for half a million euros.

Pre-order Frosthaven for 270 euros

The price is 270 euros; shipping within Germany is free. This can theoretically save a lot of money, because the price of Frosthaven in regular retail will be 360 ​​euros. According to the publisher, the lower price in the course of the pre-order campaign is possible through direct trading without going through the wholesaler.

The board game should appear in the fourth quarter of this year. That's not set in stone, but Tierra del Fuego games are at least "confident" that the targeted release period will be met. The translation is complete.

So little bonus there are some additional goodies. All materials are localized.

But fans shouldn't think too long: the pre-order campaign for Frosthaven is limited in time. "Shopping" is possible until April 5th. The sum is due immediately upon receipt of an invoice. To ensure that as many fans as possible can get their copy, Tierra del Fuego Games has limited the fee: there is one game per person.

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