The game comics have been part of the Pegasus games range since 2017. Now with the game comic Noir: Lilly Van Helsing, the 14th title in the series has appeared and sends bookworms interested in games on an exciting hunt for monsters. The publisher will point this out.

"What to do when werewolves, vampires and other creatures are up to no good at night?" asks the publisher Pegasus Spiele and gives the direct answer: the security company "Silent Night" has to send their expert Lilly Van Helsing.

Because her skills as a monster hunter are always in demand when horrific creatures are to be hunted down. This is what the new game comic from Pegasus Spiele is all about. The highlight: unlike in normal comics or novels, in the game comics the readers slip into the role of the heroine themselves. As Lilly Van Helsing, you have to prove your bravery and ensure the safety of the client. It is entirely up to you to make the right decisions to stop the creatures of the night.

Game comics with a non-linear story

The game comics by Blue Orange and Makaka Editions, in German published by Pegasus Spiele, are in the tradition of adventure game books: The story is not just linear, but instead presents the players with decisions that influence the story and into one of drift in several directions. In the game comics, however, these stories are told not just in words, but in comic panels. First of all, the players start reading the comic from the beginning as normal. After a short time, a panel appears for the first time in which one or more numbers can be seen - in the text or somewhere in the picture. The players decide where they want to continue reading and scroll to the panel with the corresponding number. From then on, the story runs back and forth through the entire comic and time and again the players decide how to proceed.

The game comics from Pegasus Spiele are divided into three categories: Adventure, Crime and Noir. Lilly Van Helsing is the third title in the Noir category. It's darker and more direct here than in the other game comics, which is why the publisher recommends them for people aged 16 and over. The crime game comics all follow the famous master detective Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Dr. John Watson, while the game-comics adventures always have new locations. Here the players can be, for example, a bounty hunter, a knight or a superhero.

Basically, the game comics are designed so that they can be read by a single person, even if of course nothing speaks against sticking their noses into the book in pairs. For two or more comic fans there are also the family games Kuala and Sherlock Holmes - The Young Investigators. These turn the concept of the game comics into an experience for up to four people, who each control their own character in their own comic book, but experience a common story in the process.

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