The Indie Arena Booth (IAB), the world's largest exhibition space for indie devs, returns to Gamescom 24 from Wednesday 28th August to Sunday 2022th August. More than 130 games from over 30 countries will be presented both on the huge physical stand and as an interactive online experience.

Exhibitors from more than 30 countries including Indonesia, New Zealand, Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Japan and the USA are participating in this festival of indie games with more than 130 titles. Raw Fury, Ravenscourt, Goblinz, Daedalic Entertainment and Wired Productions are just a small part of the studios and publishers in Cologne on site - and online! - perform some of the most anticipated titles from the IAB. The lineup includes world firsts such as a new project from D-Pad Studio, makers of Owlboy, the highly anticipated shooter CULTIC from 3D Realms, terrifying horror trips from DreadXP, the popular city-builder Dorfromantik, Kona II: Brume, the the long-awaited sequel to Koch Media/Ravenscourt's Kona, playable for the first time at IAB, and much more.

Nintendo Switch Area

Fans can try eight new indie titles in the Nintendo Switch Area, including Fall Of Porcupine (ASSEMBLE Entertainment/BUNTSPECHT.GAMES), a narrative adventure that examines an unhealthy healthcare system, How to Say Goodbye (ARTE France/Florian Veltman and Baptiste Portefaix), a soulful puzzler about leaving loved ones, the realistic beer brewing sim Brewmaster (Fireshine Games/Auroch Digital), and new mystery adventure Frank and Drake from Chorus Worldwide's/Appnormals team.

For everyone who is not in Cologne at Gamescom, the IAB has put together a whole range of options for participating from anywhere in the world. Via, fans can visit the virtual booths of the IAB in an interactive browser game, on Steam they can try out all demos in their own Steam Festival or follow the event via several Twitch streams - all from the comfort of their own home.

"It feels great to finally be able to put together such a big, physical indie event again, but what makes it even better is that all the people who aren't there can still do it thanks to the hybrid concept can participate,” said Valentina Birke, Project Director, Indie Arena Booth. "That's exactly what IAB has always been about: We offer the studios the best opportunity to bring their projects to as many people as possible."

IAB's B21B networking starts on Thursday, July 2st. Publishers, press, streamers and investors attending the event can get in touch with the exhibitors in advance and secure an invitation to the on-site reception at Gamescom.

The return of IAB to Gamescom 2022 would of course be without its official sponsors and partners, including Intel, Twitch, Unity, Valve, Bitburger, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, medianet berlinbrandenburg eV, Mediennetzwerk.NRW, Gamecity Hamburg, Games/Bavaria, Nordmedia and the Catalan Games Federation not possible.

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