Electronics manufacturer Philips has introduced a new gaming brand with “Evnia”. You want to offer peripherals, including keyboards and mice. In addition, new gaming monitors are to come onto the market. 

Significantly more gaming: This is apparently a goal of the Philips group. The Evnia brand appeals to core gamers. In the future, they should use gaming monitors, keyboards and mice from the Dutch company, among other things.

Evnia: Philips own gaming brand

Instead of just rolling out gaming products under the company name, Philips has created its own line with Evnia to give the portfolio more identity. At the beginning, the brand runs in three stages: Gaming accessories are available in the brand series 5.000, 7.000 and 8.000. Philips has already presented some monitors – including devices with the model numbers 42M2N8900, 34M2C8600 and 34M2C7600MV.

The first monitor named 42M2N8900 is the flagship device, richly equipped with technology: OLED screen, 42 inches, 138 Hertz refresh rate with a response time of 0,1 ms. In addition, there is the HDMI standard 2.1.

The other two models are geared differently. The 34M2C8600 is a 32-inch curved screen with a refresh rate of 165 Hz and support for Display HDR 1400. The resolution is 3440 by 1440, which means it is an ultrawide format in 21:9. A notebook can be connected via USB-C.

The 34M2C7600MV is slated to hit stores in December of this year, with the other two monitors expected in January.

Peripherals are also part of the new Evnia portfolio: Philips offers two gaming keyboards with mechanical Cherry MX switches. There are also two gaming mice and two gaming headsets.

All products have one thing in common: They can be connected together via Philips Ambiglow for an RGB spectacle.

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Philips 55BDL1007X/00 139,7 cm (55") Gaming Monitor Black Philips 55BDL1007X/00 139,7 cm (55 inch) gaming monitor black * Currently no reviews 3.801,30 EUR


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