A tabletop role-playing game based on the hit board game Gloomhaven is slated for release next year. This was announced by the publisher Cephalofair Games. 

Announced at PAX Unplugged, Gloomhaven role-playing game aims to provide players with all the tools to create their own story in the world of the hit board game and its sequel, Frosthaven. 

Tabletop as a tool for new adventures

Players should be able to create different character combinations. However, not everything will be fundamentally new. Combat in the Gloomhaven tabletop game again requires players to resort to the board game's card-based system.

As Cephalofair Games explains, the Gloomhaven board game is intended to serve as a toolkit of sorts. In this way, fans should receive support in building adventures and puzzles.

Gloomhaven is currently the top game on Boardgamegeek and has been in demand since its release in 2019. Each player takes on the role of a different character, each with unique abilities. The goals are also individual.

The game has two distinct phases - a combat phase, in which players must manage maps and complete objectives before their entire party is exhausted - and a city phase, in which players must make decisions during events and gradually increase their reputation and wealth .

Gloomhaven has now become a product line. In addition to the successor Frosthaven and the spin-off Pranken des Löwen, a digital version of Gloomhaven is also available. Cephalofair had also announced a series of miniatures for the game series long ago.

There is no information about the price. However, the role-playing game is said to be funded through a crowdfunding campaign in April. Accordingly, further information will be published in the coming months as soon as crowdfunding is about to start.  

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