With Hegemony, Giant Roc is bringing a new project for fans of complex games to the Spieleschmiede: The financing campaign for the strategic board game with a socio-political theme is already running, and it is extremely successful.

Hegemony is a completely asymmetrical strategy game for one to four people that simulates the politics and economy of a crisis-ridden country. Admittedly, the basic topic is anything but inviting at first: Politics, economy, society - you might think that these are the opposites of play, fun and joy. But: The topic is fresh in the board game segment, especially in the form presented by Hegemony. The English original was already running successfully on Kickstarter: Hegemonic Project Games were able to generate 600.000 euros - the team had targeted only 15.000 euros for the Kickstarter debut in order to actually be able to implement the board game.

Almost 11.000 supporters were found for the crowdfunding - in the Spieleschmiede there are so far over 200. However, they have already brought the financing campaign to the set target of 15.000 euros. Or beyond that.

State politics as a board game topic

Those who represent the interests of the working class strive for social reforms and have to avert rising unemployment figures, for example. The capitalist class is concerned about the profits and investments made and defends the free market. If you take on the middle class, you move between these two poles and you have to keep an eye on the welfare of employees as well as of small and medium-sized companies. However, this also goes hand in hand with a variety of ways to get victory points.

In the role of the state, one shapes the political framework and tries to meet the needs of all classes in order not to lose legitimacy with the people. As in real life, this turns out to be difficult with different interests, especially since the household must not be allowed to falter.

Anyone interested in the sophisticated political and economic simulation Hegemony can do it Support the project in the Spieleschmiede until January 11, 2022. In addition to the basic game, you can also secure a mini expansion with which historical events can be integrated into the game. Hegemony costs 79 euros in the game forge, for 86 euros there is also the mini-expansion “Historical Events” as a candy. Most of the supporters are currently taking the last pledge.

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