HeroQuest is being relaunched, Hasbro has now announced through its Avalon Hill brand. For about a week and a half, a “counter” had been displayed on a website specially set up for the board game, which counted down to the second – until now. Now it is clear that HeroQuest will get a reboot, provided there are enough supporters.

HeroQuest, the board game that popularized the dungeon crawler genre in the late 1980s, has made the leap into the modern age. For years, fans of the classic had hoped for a new edition or a completely redesigned remake of the board game, but Hasbro is now officially fulfilling their wish. Without a gray area, without disputes about licenses.

HeroQuest: US $ 1.000.000 required

As the US toy giant has now announced, HeroQuest will be relaunched, but Hasbro will tie it to swarm funding. Accordingly, fans can support the project via "Hasbro Pulse", the prices are 99,99 US dollars for the Heroic version and 149,99 US dollars for the Mythic variant. Orders can be placed until November 6th. Hasbro actually ties the realization of HeroQuest to a crowdfunding campaign. There have been rumors about this in the past few days.

Unless the HeroQuest campaign reaches one million US dollars within 45 days, the amounts are debited from the fans, if the sum is lower, the project is considered to have failed, at least for the time being. There is one restriction, however: only fans from the United States and Canada can take part. Delivery of the board game is then scheduled for autumn 2021.

The HeroQuest relaunch sticks closely to the original. Copyright: Hasbro

The HeroQuest relaunch sticks closely to the original. Copyright: Hasbro

With a trailer, Hasbro heralds the new age for HeroQuest, which seems to differ visually from the nostalgic version: The miniatures and dungeon parts are more detailed and modern, otherwise HeroQuest looks at least superficially like HeroQuest, Hasbro doesn't seem to be doing any experiments . Still, there will be some Quality of Life improvements, most notably on the game board. The adjustments to the dungeon interior, which was cardboard in the original game but has now been replaced by a 3D model, are clearly visible.

The two versions differ in terms of their content: The Heroic version consists of the base game plus some goodies, while "Mythic" comes with two expansions and two special miniatures.

The brand manager of the game then gives a hint: He says that there will be content within the framework of Haslab crowdfunding that will only be available as part of the campaign. So maybe HeroQuest will find its way into the trade sooner or later, at least there is a chance.

The nostalgic charm has stuck to the fantasy role-playing game for decades. HeroQuest was released in 1989. The project was made possible by a cooperation between Milton Bradly, MB Spiele, and Games Workshop. Steven Baker's board game appeared in various languages, including in Europe and Australia. Around four years later, the production of HeroQuest was finally stopped.

What the Haslab team explains about HeroQuest can be seen in a video starting at 9:30 a.m.:

If it is successful, HeroQuest will be released via the Hasbro label Avalon Hill, once an independent American provider of strategic board games (including Diplomacy or Civilization), which was dissolved in 1998 and now at least continues to exist as a brand under Hasbro.

For further information, please visit heroquest.avalonhill.com/en-us.

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