The French publisher Iello recently presented some of its innovations in the board game portfolio: Hellton Palace is a title that leaves an interesting impression at first glance. 

Hellton Palace is a new board game by Jean-Baptiste Pigneur and Lorenzo Colangeli. Players slip into the roles of hotel managers and must direct the fortunes of the eponymous house. Among other things, it is necessary to hire bellboys to meet the needs of the guests of the hotel.

Battle Royale Hotel Game: Eventually it's over

As ordinary as the basic game idea may sound, the implementation is as unusual: at some point the hotel will collapse, players will die - so you have to try to survive long enough to win. Not just the name and idea are special, the artwork is too. Colourful, with an idiosyncratic style, but quite charming. 

Each round, players welcome new guests to one of the vacant rooms at Hellton Palace. Managers also have to do unpleasant tasks, such as not only hiring hotel bellboys, but also firing them. With the money that the game generate, you have to be clever. Decisions are also required when guests encounter hotel rooms that are already occupied. A token system then triggers various effects. 

Also interesting: Legendary creatures and gods want to destroy the pillars that support the hotel. Players must prevent exactly that and absorb damage. 

Players lose when they run out of bell tokens or have a pillar with no pillar tokens. Hellton Place is a kind of survival management board game: whoever survives longest (or at least dies last) wins a game. It is a pure duel game for two players aged ten and over. 

It is not yet clear when the board game will be released, but it is expected to be in 2023. 

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