Fans can now buy tickets for Gamescom 2022 online. That's good news. However, there is also a bad one: The tickets are significantly more expensive than at the last regular Gamescom.

"Buy your gamescom tickets", call the organizers on the official website for the video game fair on. Tickets for the Cologne on-site event are now available there. For the day tickets, however, fans will have to dig much deeper into their pockets this year.

Gamescom: There is a “9 euro ticket”

Gamescom 2022 will take place in Cologne from August 24th to 28th - and you can now buy the tickets you need for the visit. This can be done online and is – meanwhile – done quickly, at least for a single visitor. If you want to enter the holy gaming hall as a group of friends, everyone has to create an account in order to be able to book the ticket at all. In view of the new prices, one or two fans may have hesitated anyway. Overall, the mood on social media is (still) relaxed, but there are some critical voices in view of the significantly increased price: "You can keep it for the price," writes one user.

The day ticket for Gamescom 2022 costs between 25 and 30,50 euros - concessions cost between 18 and 23 euros. Families can enter the halls of the Koeln Messe for 40 or 50 euros - then with a maximum of five people, two of whom may be adults. A child between the ages of seven and eleven is mandatory for the family ticket – you obviously have to “show” it at the cash desk. The organizers want to avoid possible savings tricks: Two adult fans cannot simply buy one family ticket instead of two day tickets - unless they have the required child with them.

At the last regular Gamescom in 2019, everything was significantly cheaper: the prices in advance were between 9 and 19,50 euros.

After all: There is also a “2022 euro ticket” for Gamescom 9. In contrast to the public transport concept, however, you cannot get in as long or as often as you want - the "cheap ticket" is valid as an evening ticket from 16 p.m.

According to the organizer, there are discounts at Gamescom 2022 for pupils, students, trainees, pensioners, seniors over 65 years of age, severely disabled people, voluntary social service workers (FSJ/FÖJ) upon presentation of the relevant proof.

Corona rules do not apply – as of now – to Gamescom 2022. Neither the obligation to wear a mask nor proof of testing are necessary. That may change by the summer. Nevertheless, there is improved visitor guidance and readjustments at admission - regardless of the pandemic development; this also includes wider aisles.

It is still unclear which of the major publishers are participating. Some are known, others it is unclear whether they are there. One exception is Nintendo: the Games giant renounced this year. According to the German Game Association, around 250 companies have so far secured their presence for Gamescom 2022 at the end of August. The great interest is also reflected in the space occupied: "Despite the shorter lead time, around 80 percent of the space bookings have already been made compared to the same point in time in the record year 2019. Overall, all halls and thus the entire Koelnmesse site will again be used for Gamescom 2022.

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