The crowdfunding world is sometimes unforgiving. The planned board game for the medieval video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not coming for the time being - the publisher Boardcubator has canceled the financing campaign and at the same time announced its own end. 

The board game adaptation of Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been canceled for the time being. Despite having achieved a funding goal, Boardcubator canceled the campaign on Gamefound - over 300.000 euros were raised, which was obviously not enough. The makers themselves, who had hoped for significantly more money, confirm this. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - a warning 

The unsuccessful campaign can now serve as a cautionary tale: behind the scenes, crowdfunding obviously works differently than fans notice when it comes to project planning. The plans were ambitious: the video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance was to become an app-supported board game with voice-over narration, adaptive sound design and AI-controlled side-player characters. 

Boardcubator had given EUR 100.000 as a financing goal for this. A bargain price compared to similar board game projects with comparable features and design plans. It was obvious that the sum was set far too low. However, it is far less obvious that more than three times the amount would not be enough. Fans are disappointed.  

Presumably, the idea was even on the right track, if the judgment of the "Youtube Council" is to be believed. The eternal advertising faces of crowdfunding explain there full-bodied how great Kingdom Come: Deliverance is in board game form. Apparently, the potential crowdfunding backers were a bit more cautious in their judgments - they invested money in the campaign, but less than Boardcubator had hoped. 

As the makers behind the board game project now announce, they had hoped for around 1,5 million euros. The 100.000 euros were therefore not only unrealistic, but also advanced. Publishers often use such marketing tricks for crowd financing. The psychology is strong and full of effects: only 100.00 euros and the campaign is over, as a fan I can just throw money in quickly. It works with the board game. 

kingdom come delivery 2

Miniatures, app, storytelling - the plans were ambitious. Photo: Volkman

The higher the percentage of overfunding - with Kingdom Come: Deliverance it was 318 percent - the more effectively the campaign can be sold. It's just stupid that such games usually appeal to those fans who are now real crowdfunding experts themselves. Empty promises, embellished campaigns, countless testimonials - none of this works as well as it did a few years ago. 

Around 10.000 supporters would have been needed for the realization of the board game for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We were a long way from that – and pulled the ripcord. According to Boardcubator, in a world in which the slogan “Funded in XY minutes” is a highlight of the crowdfunding campaign, people did not have the courage to communicate the millions they were actually hoping for. Chapeau, at least that's honest.

And that's not all: Boardcubator itself will no longer exist. The publishing house announced its own end in its own breath. 

One would still like to have the board game for Kingdom Come: Deliverance realized somehow. Three years of hard work went into the project. You don't want to just throw that away. Incidentally, not only Kingdom Come: Deliverance as a game title is affected, but also the underlying platform for the hybrid idea with the app.

Last year the board game project based on Kingdom Come: Deliverance was presented at the GAME in Essen presents. Hopes for success were high. One thing is particularly tragic for the makers of such campaigns: the board game had no chance of standing up to the quality assessment of the fans. 

Maybe a learning process will start at some point. The goal must be to be honest with the fans if you want their money. Marketing or not. 

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