Twinkly, an app controllable LED decorative light manufacturer known for its Christmas lights, is entering the gaming world with a range of high quality products. These were developed to make the environments of players and streamers even more realistic, colorful and individual.

Among the advantages of Twinkly lights is the Twinkly app, which makes the light decoration unique using effects and animations with a simple touch, allowing for optimal customization and control. The devices can be connected virtually to other Twinkly products to create complex and synchronized light installations.

LED: Controllable via app or Razer Chroma

All Twinkly products can be grouped and each LED individually controlled via smartphone. In this way, unique effects, color gradients and animations can be created and reproduced.

The initiatives to support the gaming world are numerous: a gaming room will be opened in the eStudios in Milan, which will be used for shootings, from where there will be special live streaming offers. However, it will soon be open to the public on reservation so that Twinkly products can also be experienced on site.

Twinkly, in partnership with Video Games Party, is also hosting the Twinkly Cup, a European Fortnite tournament that has been free to register since October 3rd. Players from different countries can compete against each other and win fantastic Twinkly products worth over 10.000 euros. Razer is the initiative's technical partner and will expand Twinkly pricing with wireless mobile and cross-platform Barracuda X gaming headsets. In addition, there will also be collaborations with influencers in the future, who will show the best tricks to create a first-class gaming room. 

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Twinkl y App Controlled 2m Multicolor LED Flex Tube - White... Twinkl y App Controlled 2m Multicolor LED Flex Tube - White... * Currently no reviews 86,13 EUR

There are several products for the personal gaming room, including:

Twinkly Flex: Twinkly Flex is a flexible, neon-like LED tube that can be controlled via app and voice assistant. With a length of 2 meters, Twinkly Flex can be shaped as you wish and brings new possibilities for lighting design and creativity into the home.

Twinkly Line: Twinkly Line is a self-adhesive, magnetic, thin and smart LED light strip perfect for adding color and ambiance to any space.
Twinkly Line is cool but simple decorative lighting with an all black finish, bright and colorful LEDs and the smallest cross section profile on the market. Like all Twinkly products, Line can also be adjusted and controlled in a networked manner with the other products; each LED can be controlled individually to create and repeat unique color effects and animations.

Twinkly Squares: Twinkly Squares are small LED panels that light up and make the home even more connected. They are made up of 64-pixel RGB LEDs and are available in packs of 9 or 16 panels each. Twinkly Squares is a revolutionary product that combines the performance of an LED wall with the sophistication of interior design. The system can be connected to other Twinkly products to create amazing ambient effects, from DJ set lighting to immersive consoles.

Twinkly Dots: The almost invisible wiring makes Dots extremely light, flexible and discreet. It's also the first Twinkly product with a fully portable, USB-powered version that plugs directly into the console.

Twinkly Music: Revolutionary technology that gives shape and color to every sound. Twinkly Music's technology can decode any sound source in real time - whether it's a classical aria, a timed piece or a video game soundtrack - to identify relevant musical elements and create live effects with Twinkly lights. A true live audiovisual experience.

Twinkly Lights are compatible with various voice assistants such as Hey Google and Amazon Alexa, as well as with Apple HomeKit, Homey, Razer Chroma RGB and OMEN Light Studio. It creates an immersive experience amidst the gaming action. In this way, the experience can be enhanced with beautiful lighting effects that can interact with the gameplay.

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Twinkly Squares Starter Kit - App-controlled LED panels with 64... Twinkly Squares Starter Kit – App controlled LED panels with 64... * Currently no reviews 234,99 EUR


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