Some players are having trouble with the board of the children's game Zauberberg by Amigo. The service has already become active there. As the publisher reports, since Christmas we have received feedback from game fans whose Zauberberg game plans had "defective pasting". Individual marbles could not easily roll down the mountain on individual paths as intended.

"We put a lot of time into developing Magic Mountain to ensure that every square has an equal chance of being hit by the marble," shares Amigo. "Of course we would like to continue to meet our usual quality standard and have therefore contacted our German supplier to get to the bottom of the cause."

Replacement: an informal e-mail is sufficient

"Of course, everyone who has received an incorrectly pasted game plan will receive a replacement," says Amigo. An informal e-mail with the subject Zauberberg game plan and your own postal address to should be sufficient. Besides, you can do that Contact form for spare parts inquiries use for this.

However, the publisher needs some information in order to be able to assign the games to the correct production batch, among other things. The necessary batch number can be found on the back of the box of the magic mountain copy - vertically to the right of the barcode.

Amigo apologizes for the inconvenience and wishes "still happy playing".

Zauberberg is a real success for Amigo. The board game by Jens-Peter Schliemann and Bernd Weber has been named Game of the Year 2022. The association writes about the marble board game: “The attractive game structure draws the children to the gaming table and the innovative marble mechanism doesn’t let them go so easily. Lively discussions about the placement of the marbles are followed by spellbound looks at the marble run”. Magic Mountain is therefore a "complete package that enchants all children again and again".

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