2K and Marvel Entertainment today announced The Hunger, the third DLC for Marvel's Midnight Suns with Morbius, is available now worldwide for Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

In The Hunger, Morbius, who accidentally transformed himself into a bat-like creature while trying to cure his rare disease, must join forces with the Midnight Suns to fight a vampire menace sweeping New York City.

As if the vampire outbreak wasn't enough, Hydra has begun priming its strongest troops with undead DNA to create a host of transformed super soldiers. Morbius had hoped to transmute their properties to create a serum that would allow him to resist sunlight—but in the wrong hands, his research could make the entire vampire world unstoppable.

"Weird Science" as a prerequisite

Morbius is recruited by completing his first story mission, Weird Science. This becomes available after completing the "Spidermaaaans" mission and unmasking Spider-Man in the Abbey during the first act.

In combat, Morbius is all about bleeding out enemies and using this effect to increase damage. Similar to Captain Marvel, after using some of his abilities, he can enter a "Bleed" state, granting him Block and causing all of his damaging abilities to bleed. While Blade is the master at spreading bleeds through Chain abilities, Morbius is more focused on increased single target damage - players can try combining the two to see how they complement each other! His passive ability Greater Hunger, which comes from building friendships, lowers the number of cards needed to activate Bleed.

The unique Priory Research Project Laboratory of Morbius allows for the purchase of permanent mods for a hero's secondary stats, but always with a trade-off. Upgrading the laboratory increases the number of status options and their rarity.

The Hunger is available today for Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Marvel's Midnight Suns is rated for ages 12+.

The Hunger DLC includes:

  • New recruitable hero: Morbius, a living vampire who has 11 unique hero abilities
  • New Story Missions: Players will battle a variety of new enemy types in challenging new encounters
  • New Priory Upgrade: Laboratory
  • 3 additional hero skins, 7 abbey outfits and 2 swimsuits for Morbius

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