Marvel Snap turns out to be real hype. The fast card game with the fair monetization system is well received by the players. One of the card game's greatest strengths is its deck-building mechanic. Tinkering with your own strategies is fun and motivating - with regular map updates, the developers always provide new attractions. One central question always remains: What are the best cards in Marvel Snap?

Marvel has been a guarantee of entertainment for decades. Comics, series, films, games - a lot was good, some outstanding, some at best solid. With the strategic card game Marvel Snap, however, it seems that the zeitgeist and a nerve with the fans have been met. Last but not least, the success is due to the accessible and fast gameplay. A round of Marvel Snap - in portrait format on the smartphone - can be completed within a few minutes. Many refer to the game as the perfect lunchtime entertainment. 

In six rounds, players have to play their cards as cleverly as possible, build up combos and ultimately dominate zones with their score. The key to victory is good deck strategy. Hero cards sometimes have powerful special skills - it is therefore important to use synergies in order to bring the most effective possible combinations to the virtual card table.

As with other trading or deck building card games, the first round is one of the most crucial. Some cards are particularly good for an opening. Accordingly, some of the best cards in Marvel Snap include the best openers. 

Marvel Snap: The best cards in Pool 1

At the start of a game of Marvel Snap, only one of the three zones is fully known. That means: As a player, you don't see all the bonuses of the locations right from the start. However, they can prove to be quite powerful, especially in combination with certain cards. So what if you could somehow predict what special effects the zones would bring?

Right at this point comes Vatu the Guardian in the game. It's a tremendously powerful Pool 1 card that makes a perfect starter among the best cards for Marvel Snap. Vatu has a long history in the Marvel Universe, exploring space and time - and therefore able to see and know what is hidden from others. In Marvel Snap, the Guardian allows the player to view hidden locations and special effects. At least if they are available. Players can build a mid-game strategy early on or even plan the late-game. Despite the powerful special ability, Vatu is ultimately much more than a cheap placeholder. 

Also not to be despised Ant-Man. The superhero in miniature is a powerful character in the Marvel Universe and is also one of the best cards in Marvel Snap. The hero can even take a central role and turn game situations. Ant-Man's low power of 1 compensates for its ongoing effect of increasing its power to plus 3 when played with three other cards. Clever placement of little Ant-Man can make a big difference.

Quiksilver is also a strong character and one of the best cards in Marvel Snap. It is not uncommon for players to remove cheap cards from their decks in order to be able to show off in the mid-game instead. At least they hope so. However, if you oversleep the start, you will only run after your opponent. 

Quiksilver uses its speed to be in the player's hand with 100% certainty. This simply means: You always have this opening card in your hand in the first round, so you can definitely play a card no matter what the deck composition looks like. 

With Nightcrawler of the X-Men, Marvel Snap offers a character that is among the best cards because of its ability to shift the balance of the game. His ability allows the player to move Nightcrawler to another location once during the game. That doesn't sound very powerful, but puts the opponent under pressure. The opponent has to split up his heroes in order not to be surprised by a sudden late change of location. 

is also strong Hawkeye, which gains a Strength bonus if you play another card at its location next turn. The accurate archer proves to be particularly powerful in combination with Medusa in the middle position. Also using Ant-Man and Jessica Jones in conjunction with Haweye is a heavy play. 

Squirrel girl rounds out the list of the best cards at Marvel Snap in the cheap 1-pool segment. Why? Because the squirrel girl simply fills other places with her ability. This can put the opponent under pressure in the early stages of the game - or cause surprises later in the game. Squirrel Girl can help use location effects to your advantage.

Marvel Snap: The best cards in Pool 2

Marvel Snap includes hundreds of cards, each based on iconic characters from the comic universe. The so-called pools each contain cards based on the level of a player's collection.

You are in the first pool up to collection level 15, after that it continues. The second pool consists of just over 20 cards, but some of them are extremely interesting from a strategic point of view. So much so that they can change the whole deck building idea. Reaching pool 2 automatically opens up completely new possibilities. 

All best cards in Pool 2 at Marvel Snap include Shang-Chi, Hobgoblin, Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes, Rhino, Storm, Okoye, Ice Man, Swarm, Kilmonger, and Jubilee. 

Above all, Jubilee can be a real pain in the neck, because with it you get a card from the deck and can place it directly at the game location. This ability is powerful, can be central to game strategy, and also has a good chance of drawing one of the best cards in Marvel Snap due to the small deck size. However, this has its price: Jubilee costs four energy and only has a strength of 1 itself. 

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