Mattel Games is presenting two special editions in license cooperation with the German record champions and, as the toy giant calls it, "the favorite club of many football fans worldwide". It's about FC Bayern Munich.

Some soccer fans will be happy, others will probably throw their hands up in despair: the classic games UNO and Scrabble will shine in the design of FC Bayern Munich for the first time and offer the "extra soccer kick off the pitch too". According to Mattel, this is a must-have for any football and games fan.

FC Bayern now also on the gaming table

“It is a great pleasure for Mattel Games to launch our popular games UNO and Scrabble in the exclusive FC Bayern design with the German record champions and favorite club of football fans worldwide and of all ages, FC Bayern Munich. Great extras give the games that special football kick,” says Ana von Hutten, Head of Marketing at Mattel DACH.

With the cooperation, the 31-time German champion, whose successes include 20 DFB Cup victories, 6 Champions League victories and 2 club world championships, is the first football club to join the ranks of many other Mattel cooperation partners. In 2020, FC Bayern Munich celebrated its most successful year in the club's history with another treble win after 2013 and is not only very popular in Europe, but also in America and Asia. There are over 4500 fan clubs worldwide and with more than 290.000 members, the top Bavarian club is one of the sports clubs with the most members in the world.

The board game in crossword puzzle style in the FC Bayern Munich special edition includes special FC Bayern cards, four special game pieces and an exclusive directory with names and football terms that bring football into the game. As in the classic Scrabble game, players must create words using letter tiles while earning points that can be increased by completing certain squares on the board.

The deck of the well-loved UNO card game features football club-themed graphics and designs. Players compete to get rid of all their cards. If a player plays an action card, the FC Bayern Munich Edition's special card "Next, Always Next" blocks the action and ensures that the same player has to draw the cards. As always, when a player has only one card left in their hand, they must not forget to yell "UNO!" A great gift for card game lovers and Bayern Munich fans aged 7 and over.

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