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Spielpunkt Media Kit 11_2020


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June 2014

Visibility region DA-CH

SeedingUp ranking index 26,74 43,21 35,56

POI: 7,5

visibility Index: April 0,2211th, 0,3161 until June XNUMXth, XNUMX

SEMrush Traffic: 12.035

Trust Flow & Citation Flow 

TF: 17

CF: 28


Domain Authority: 25 out of 100


Top 3: 1.170
Top 10: 5.040
Top 50: 12.300
Top 100: 21.670

Target groups

60% male, 40% female readers.
The core age group is around 40% among 25 to 34 year olds.
The 18 to 24 year olds and the 35 to 44 year olds each account for around 23%.
The group of readers 45+ has a share of around 13%.

Social Media


Topics covered

Amongst other things:
Children's and family games
Promotion games
Board games for casual users (such as new editions of classics such as Monopoly, Risk, etc.)
Board games for beginners
Board games for advanced players
Special interests (pen & paper, card games)
Role playing games (Fantasy, SciFi, SciFantasy)
Themed specials (such as the top lists of board games for adults)
Current trade fair reports from game fairs (including Gamescom, SPIEL in Essen, exhibitions, conventions)
Toy industry
Online parlor games / online game systems
Browser games / smartphone and tablet apps
Video games for consoles and PCs
Games industry

Information on reviews and advertising

Reviews of board games for children and adults as well as other game ideas from the field of parlor games are at the heart of every game blog. We also regularly scrutinize games in order to introduce our readers to the respective game mechanisms. We try to orient the reviews as much as possible towards the respective target group.


Thanks to all publishers, publishers and developers for providing review copies and samples, without which many board game or game tests would not be possible.

We try to publish the reviews as soon as possible, but we cannot state a period until publication (unless other arrangements exist). It is important to us to publish game tests as quickly as possible. However, there may be delays, especially during trade fairs. We ask for your understanding. If you cannot find a title we have sent online, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry.

Publisher inquiries and offers of cooperation are sent to accepted.

Advertising / advertorials / sponsored posts

You are welcome to use sponsored articles (advertorials) Promote your products and websites. You can find out the conditions on request. We are open to advertising opportunities from the games industry or the toy segment.

Of course, we personally take care of the editorial design and, if possible, produce our own image material. We would be happy to discuss the type and length of the advertorials personally.

SEO tools from Seitwert | Analysis & monitoring toolImportant note: All advertising contributions are clearly visible in the introductory text [Display] marked for a paid promotional item. Nevertheless, these articles always contain helpful information to meet our high quality standards.

It is also possible Banner Advertising at different places For example, on the start page or in targeted articles on suitable board games for adults and children as well as in the area of ​​digital game concepts.

Inquiries are also sent to accepted.