After an Early Access journey packed with updates, the sci-fi submarine sim Barotrauma will be released on March 13th in version 1.0 on Steam, with tons of new features and a wonderful community on board.

The game is poised to lure even more brave (sub)sailors to the depths of Europe thanks to a variety of submarines and missions, disgusting enemies, diverse biomes and hilarious ragdoll physics. As Barotrauma heads towards its 1.0 release, it nears another major milestone: Over 2.5 million players own this masterful submarine spectacle.

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Barotrauma is a sci-fi submarine sim with a single player mode as well as co-op for up to 16 players. The submarine crew navigates the depths of the frozen Jupiter moon Europa and fulfills various missions. Together with their active and passionate community, the developers FakeFish and Undertow Games have extensively expanded and improved the game since the Early Access launch in summer 2019: campaigns and tutorials have been completely overhauled, new monsters have been added, missions and outposts, graphics and the environment have been improved, implemented a scripted event system and much, much more.

Barotrauma attracts gaming fans

All of this was possible thanks to the feedback and support of more than 30.000 Discord members as well as 60.000 player-made posts in the Steam Workshop. To show their deep dedication to the fanbase, the devs added a player-made submarine to the base game as part of a community contest.

Complete list of updates since EA launch:

– New graphics and environment
- Reworked campaign
– Researchable outposts
- Submarine wrecks, abandoned outposts and upgraded alien ruins
- Submarines to upgrade and change
- More and new monsters and missions
– New scripted event system
- Talent system for character progression
- Revamped tutorials

The community is particularly excited about the introduction of opposing factions with version 1.0 and the all-new campaign ending. Joonas Rikkonen, Lead Developer of Barotrauma, states: “Barotrauma has been an outstanding, community-supported endeavor for almost a decade now, and we are delighted to reach 1.0 after all these years. We can't wait to hear what our players think of the revamped faction mechanics and the actual ending of the campaign, and we look forward to continuing to provide updates to the game post-launch."

To complete their mission, players will navigate an ocean teeming with strange creatures, explore strange alien ruins, and act together as a functioning crew. Each class is responsible for a different complex area of ​​the ship, such as the nuclear reactor, propulsion, or sonar. The crew must fight enemies, patch leaks and survive crew members infected by alien parasites.

Barotrauma offers exciting and often fun-chaotic moments thanks to procedurally generated levels, insane ragdoll physics and full mod support. Due to the traitor mode in multiplayer, danger can lurk within your own ranks: randomly selected players act as covert conspirators who attempt individual missions to prevent the crew's mission through sabotage or murder.

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