The streaming giant Netflix is ​​one of the most successful services worldwide. It's no different in German-speaking countries. The fact that Netflix recently made headlines with the announcement that it would punish password sharing in the future did not change this fact. Not surprising! The streaming service has always stood for the best entertainment in home cinema. New series, thrilling films, popcorn cinema and gripping shows await you in February 2023 as well. Classics, documentaries, children's films or blockbusters are shown here on the screen at home. You can find an exciting overview of all Netflix innovations in February 2023 in our calendar.

Netflix's streaming service is aimed at all age groups. With a comprehensive range of films, series, shows, documentaries and in-house productions, fans of every genre will get their money's worth in terms of programming. An exciting TV potpourri awaits you on Netflix in February 2023. Highly awaited by series junkies, is the first part of the fourth season of You - Du will love me. A thriller series and book adaptation that tells the gripping story of stalking serial killer Joe Goldberg. In keeping with the month of Valentine's Day, crowd favorites Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher become entangled in a heartbreaking love story in the rom-com Your Place or Mine. Written and directed by Aline Brosh McKenna. For connoisseurs: Fans of romance films know that the name McKenna is a guarantee for top-class entertainment in the film scene. The filmography of the director and screenwriter has already proven this with film titles from the past such as 27 Dresses, We Bought a Zoo and The Devil Wears Prada.

In order to enjoy what Netflix has to offer, a subscription is required. A special feature here is the latest subscription option, with which a cheaper price model can be booked, which is broadcast including advertising. The Netflix service can be subscribed to in different ways. Basically, fans can choose between the basic subscription for around 8 euros, the standard subscription for around 13 euros, the premium subscription for around 18 euros and the new basic subscription with advertising for around 5 euros per month. In 2020, the offer of a test phase for interested customers was discontinued. Combination subscriptions to Sky Q and are offered. In February 2023, viewers can expect new films and series.

February 2023: What's new at Netflix

Netflix has film and series highlights ready for 2023 that do not yet have an exact broadcast date. These include the third season of the documentary series Clarkson's Farm, the launch of the fantasy series The Griffin, the launch of the action series Gen V, the second season of the fantasy series Good Omens, the crime series Luden, the action series Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the action-comedy Shotgun Wedding, the rom-com Somebody I Used to Know and the start of the series The Continental, about popular hitman action hero John Wick.

The program on Netflix with regard to the new films and series in February 2023 can be seen again. A lot is offered to fans. 

The new series on Netflix in February 2023

Date(s) Title
01 February 2023 Gunther's Millions - Season 1 | mini docuseries
01 February 2023 Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa - Season 1 | spin off
02 February 2023 Freeridge Season 1 | comedy
02 February 2023 Make my Day - Season 1 | Sci-Fi anime series
03 February 2023 Class - Season 1 | Coming of age series from India
08 February 2023 The Exchange Season 1 | Drama from Kuwait
09 February 2023 My Dad the Bounty Hunter – Season 1 | animation series
09 February 2023 Dear David - Season 1 | Coming of age series
09 February 2023 You - Season 4 (Part 1) | thriller series
10 February 2023 Love to Hate You - Season 1 | Romcom from Korea
15 February 2023 The Law According to Lidia Poët - Season 1 | history series
15 February 2023 Full Swing - Season 1 | sports docuseries
15 February 2023 Red Rose - Season 1 | BBC/Netflix co-production
16 February 2023 The Upshaws Season 3 | comedy
22 February 2023 Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer - Season 1 | documentary series
22 February 2023 Three Lives – Season 1 | Thriller from Mexico
23 February 2023 Outer Banks Season 3 | adventure
24 February 2023 Drive to Survive - Season 5 | Formula 1 documentary series

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All new movies on Netflix in February 2023

Date(s) Title
03 February 2023 True Spirit | Australian adventure film
03 February 2023 infiesto | Spanish thriller
03 February 2023 Stromboli | Dutch book adaptation
08 February 2023 Bill Russell: Legend | documentary
10 February 2023 Your Place or Mine | Romcom
10 February 2023 10 days of a good man | Turkish book adaptation
14 February 2023 A Sunday Affair | Romcom
14 February 2023 All the Places | Mexican road movie
23 February 2023 Call Me Chihiro | Japanese live action
24 February 2023 We Have a Ghost | horror comedy

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