Pegasus Games announces its new board game Woodcraft. The publisher had previously presented the title for experts at the International Game Days in Essen, and the board game is now commercially available.

Woodcraft was one of the highlights at SPIEL'22. Now the German version of the challenging strategy game by Vladimír Suchý and Ross Arnold has been published by Pegasus Games.

Woodcraft: For fans of complex Eurogames

Fans of complex Eurogames can look forward to a challenging strategy game in Woodcraft, in which everything revolves around the topic of wood and its processing. In the middle of a forest, the players manage competing workshops in which they process wood. You can hire helpers, upgrade your workshops, and acquire different types of wood and better tools to craft the best possible products. The expert game combines several interlocking mechanisms. However, the focus is on modifying different colored dice in order to fulfill orders that bring immediate rewards and valuable victory points at the end of the game.

The players take it in turns to carry out one of seven actions on the action or saw wheel. This rotates regularly, so that actions become more valuable the longer they have not been selected. With the help of these actions, the active person receives materials that are important for processing wood, such as glue or saw blades. With these, the wood, embodied by cubes, can be symbolically sawn or glued, i.e. modified.

In addition, it is also possible to regrow new wood and thus the basis for the production of further furniture, musical instruments and much more. to accomplish. If you manage your workshop strategically, provide good tools and work with the helpers to produce many wonderful wooden objects, you will be able to win the Woodcraft game.

The game by Ross Arnold and Vladimír Suchý is recommended for one to four people aged twelve and over. The recommended retail price is 59,99 euros.


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