With the new connoisseur game Orichalkum, which was recently published by Pegasus Spiele, players can expect a placement game with a mythological theme in which they have to find a new home for the people of Atlantis. They use action cards to explore a new island, build on it and fight monsters.

When Atlantis is about to sink under the sea, the players in Orichalkum are dispatched by the Atlantean king to nearby islands that have been chosen as potential new homes for the Atlanteans. Once there, they must explore them, make them usable and free them from monstrous creatures. Whoever of the two to four players, ages ten and up, masters these tasks the fastest and can collect five victory points first, has found the perfect new home and thus won the race.

Board game by Cathala and Goupy

In each round of the Kenner game by author duo Bruno Cathala and Johannes Goupy, the players choose an action card that always has a landscape tile on it. You must first place this appropriately on your island board.

If they manage to create a landscape of at least three areas of one type, they gain the attention of a titan, whose favor is not only worth one victory point, but also gives them a powerful advantage. After placing the landscape, the players may then resolve the action card. They can use these to produce the eponymous orichalcum in their mines, forge it into valuable medals, build buildings on free landscape spaces, recruit hoplites or fight monstrous creatures with them.

Before a turn ends, the active person may also carry out an additional action, for which valuable resources or defeated creatures must be given up. As soon as someone collects five victory points and defeats all creatures on their own island, the game ends immediately. If you are looking for more challenges after the first games, you will find them on the back side of the island board, which is more difficult.

With its catchy game principle and a mix of placement game, race and action cards, Orichalkum knows how to inspire both those who play a lot and families with gaming experience and is now available at a recommended retail price of 49,99 euros.

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