The game company has launched several new crowdfunding campaigns, including a localized version of Perfect Shot and Keep the Heroes out!.

A crowdfunding project is currently running in the game forge, with the help of which Mirakulus supports the game Keep the Heroes out! want to help to a German version. The game, which in German is titled “Helden must stay outside!” is to receive, up to six people team up to defend their dungeon and free it from all heroes. They each control a clan of monsters such as poltergeists, witches and skeletons, which differ from all others in their abilities. In order to pass the different scenarios, they have to equip themselves with weapons, potions and scrolls. You can also breed stronger beasts and set traps.

The project was very well received and has already made its way into the top ten projects with the highest funding amount in the game company. Jumping to the projects with the most support also seems to be only a matter of time.

If you still want to join, you can support the campaign until March 2.03.2023nd, XNUMX and secure the game including exclusive mini expansions. Optional deluxe markers further enhance Heroes must stay out!, which already comes with many wooden figures.


Everyone who listens to family-friendly games with animals and is interested in unusual game ideas should take a look at the games forge project from Kobold Spieleverlag. With Snapshot, 2 to 4 people become photographers who want to fill their albums with animal photos.

When it is their turn, they place one of their landscapes on top of the cards already stacked. If you can see animals in the lower landscapes through the up to three holes in it, you have got them in front of the lens. They can then place these photos in one of their albums and earn bonuses by completing certain sets.

Even if you announce a perfect snapshot and then can see an animal in full, extra points beckon. However, you never get to see the full Yeti. To prove its existence, you need two different recordings.

Anyone who would like to contribute to the success of the project can support it in the game forge until March 2.03.2023nd, XNUMX and get their own copy as a thank you.


Dark forces are threatening the kingdom of the noon hour and up to 5 people oppose them. As a cleric, mage, hunter, paladin and rogue, they can join forces and complete tasks together. They can also compete for the most power in their amulets and stand alone against the attacking hordes of monsters. Whatever they choose, they must arm themselves with appropriate weapons, spells, and potions, and skillfully place the polyomino pieces on monster cards. This is the only way they can defeat creatures while taking as little damage as possible and collecting valuable rewards.

Their different talents can also prove to be of great help to the characters, but these are often linked to specific places and times of the day.

If you want to immerse yourself in the gloomy world of amulet and compete with werewolves, forest creatures or legendary beings like the minotaur, you can secure your own copy with the project in the games forge. You can only support the project there until February 22.02.2023nd, XNUMX and also select other titles from the publisher as well as a beginner-friendly miniature painting set for amulet as additional rewards.

RONE: Invasion

RONE: Invasion is a post-apocalyptic deck-building game that can be played solo, cooperatively, and competitively. The basic game contains the material for 2 people, but additional boxes make a game with up to 4 people possible.

After a nuclear war, the previously fighting factions face a common enemy, the alien Cynexians. In the game, you take over leadership of a faction and recruit soldiers, fighting machines, powerful hybrids and powerful mutants for your own army. This can be trained further and equipped with the latest technology.

A special element are the modifiable dice. With different screws you influence which resources you get, with which you set card actions in motion.

Author Štěpán Štefaník has already funded RONE: Invasion in English and Czech through a first crowdfunding project. The campaign in the game forge should now also enable a German version. With successful financing, further improvement goals can also be achieved.

Anyone who would like to support the project can do so until February 18.02.2023th, XNUMX and also secure a copy of the game, optionally signed, as well as optional expansions for additional players, an exclusive additional campaign and deluxe material.

Tales are real

After beasts and shadow creatures, Tales are Real is now to receive two new races: the heavily armored humans and the bloodthirsty undead. In the competitive fantasy card game with elements from trading card games and role-playing games, you take command of a five-man troop as the commander. Equip them with powerful weapons and lead them into battle to defeat as many of your opponent's creatures as possible.

Preview Product Rating Price
Avalon Hill HeroQuest board game for adults and children,... Avalon Hill HeroQuest board game for adults and children,... * Currently no reviews 104,89 EURAmazon Prime

The new races also allow you to face off against the two from the first game, so it's fitting that a two-on-two team mode will now be added as well. You can also play with a deck building element from now on. The two sides then no longer use a common deck of cards, but put together their own from the previous and future main games and expansions.

If you are interested in Tales are Real and would like to give the publisher of the same name a helping hand, you can support the project on Menschen vs Undead until February 22.02.2023nd, XNUMX in the Spieleschmiede. In addition to copies of both parts, you can also secure two different play mats and T-shirts for the four peoples. In addition, there is the possibility to immortalize yourself on one of the artefacts in the game.

The links to the current projects in the game forge:

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