The Pegasus Games Days will take place again until December 31st. Participating game shops and clubs are offering numerous events during this period where game fans can get to know four highlights from Pegasus games and partners free of charge: the small card game Monster Inn, the cooperative family game KuZOOkA as well as Caldera Park from Deep Print Games and Swindler from Edition Spielwiese .

For many years, the Pegasus Games Days have been held twice a year in specialist shops and in the games clubs. Due to Corona, these – at least as physical events – had to be canceled in the last two years. In 2022 they could now take place again for the first time, first in the summer from June 17th to July 17th and now in November and December. 

Play at participating stores

Pegasus Games provides the participating game shops and clubs with four titles from the publisher's range, which interested parties can try out free of charge. On the Pegasus Games Days landing page you will find a list of all venues, which are spread all over Germany, but also in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Switzerland. Participation in the Pegasus Games Days is usually possible without prior registration - just come along and play.

This time, the focus of the wintry game days is primarily on family games, which are also fun for experienced game fans: In KuZOOkA, the players slip into the roles of animals that try to escape from the zoo together. However, since they don't share a common language, they must let the others at the table know what escape plans they can support by placing their tokens judiciously on the game board. In the Monster Inn card game, on the other hand, they try to hire strong monsters for their dungeon by bidding with gold pieces or rubies and cobble the annoying humans over to the competition.

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Pegasus Games 57808G Caldera Park (Deep Print Games) Board Games Pegasus Games 57808G Caldera Park (Deep Print Games) Board Games * Currently no reviews 32,99 EURAmazon Prime

It's animalistic again Caldera Park. As in the previous game Savannah Park, the players have to place tiles with animals in their park - this time in the vastness of North America - and try to gather as large herds as possible. In each turn, however, they only have seven tiles available and one person in turn uses the action board to specify which animal is to be depicted on the tile to be placed and in which region it must be placed. Last but not least, Swindler is a push-your-luck game set in Victorian London.

As the eponymous "swindlers", the players steal valuable objects from the "rich bags" in each round in order to sell them to dealers or to fulfill orders. But watch out! There are also skull tokens in each of the five colorful bags. If you pull one of these while stealing, you will be caught and must give back all loot of the corresponding color.

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Pegasus Games 59057G Swindler (Playground Edition) Board games Pegasus Games 59057G Swindler (Playground Edition) Board Games * Currently no reviews 27,99 EURAmazon Prime

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