Featuring Hexagon of the Elders, Return to Halloween and Does Love Forgive All? three new Cthulhu adventure volumes were released by Pegasus Games in August. Two more adventure volumes, Houses of Horror and The Dark Saat, and the source volume 99 Damned followed in September.

In the Cthulhu adventure book Hexagon der Alten, developed by the German Cthulhu editorial team, the investigators travel the French Hexagon in the 1920s. Over the course of six interlinked adventures, they will get to know different corners of post-World War II resurgent France. But it's not just humans who appreciate the comforts of great cuisine, painting, architecture and history; Ancient Ones and creatures of myth also seem to be attracted to them.

Cthulhu: Many new adventures 

Following the success of Cthulhu: Halloween (2020), here's a return to Halloween! In the adventure Useless for Halloween, a harmless prank brings uninvited guests to a fraternity's Halloween party. In a 1920s setting with lots of black humor, the investigators have to solve the prank.

The Halloween Masks also takes players back to the 1920s, but with more classic elements. When a mask of Nyarlathotep pays a visit to Willowton's Halloween celebrations and pets and people disappear between pumpkins and a corn maze, the investigators set out to find them. The survival adventure Halloween Candy, on the other hand, jumps to the year 2006, where prepared candy triggers a zombie apocalypse in Cogan Springs.

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Cthulhu: Return After Halloween (Softcover) Cthulhu: Return After Halloween (Softcover)* Currently no reviews 14,95 EURAmazon Prime

Cthulhu: Does love forgive everything? contains two one-on-one scenarios, each designed for one GM and one player. The two adventures can be played through on one or two game evenings and are suitable for both experienced and new game managers. In the scenario I love you to death, the goal is to save the beloved lap dog of a good friend from the Chicago Police Department in Chicago 1929. In Mask of Desire, on the other hand, a woman, an audition and a mysterious package are at the center of events.

The adventure book Cthulhu: Houses of Horror is also set in the 1920s and offers five adventures that can be played individually or as a mini-campaign. In the Mister Corbitt scenario, the players try to find out if the nice neighbor next door is hiding a terrible secret. In The Creaky and Warped House they investigate whether the stories surrounding the cursed Fitzgerald mansion are repeating themselves.

In The Code, everything hinges on the investigators making sense of the bizarre happenings in and around Wellington Manor. In the scenario The House of Memphis, the players investigate the disappearance of the world-famous magician Memphis the Great. In The Nineteenth Hole, the renovation of Thistledown Golf Club leads to unexplained illnesses and ghost sightings - and the owner is nowhere to be found either.

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Cthulhu: Does love forgive everything? (soft cover) Cthulhu: Does love forgive everything? (soft cover) * Currently no reviews 14,95 EURAmazon Prime

The entry-friendly campaign Cthulhu: The Dark Seed is primarily aimed at new game masters, because the adventure volume contains numerous hints. The players experience mysterious, action-packed or interactive adventures in a wide variety of settings, ranging from a mental asylum in the Alps to the frozen desert of Antarctica to the pyramids in Egypt, which introduce the secrets of the Cthulhu Mythos.

The Cthulhu: 99 Damned Sourcebook contains 99 pre-made investigators from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds. Some of them have been spared from cosmic horrors, others have had their first experiences with the Cthulhu Mythos. The ready-to-play investigators enrich every game round that would rather start immediately than create characters themselves. 99 Damned includes investigators for the 1920s and present, as well as settings in Germany and America.

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Cthulhu: Hexagon of the Elders (Hardcover) Cthulhu: Hexagon of the Elders (Hardcover)* Currently no reviews 29,95 EURAmazon Prime

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