In the meantime, the manufacturer Nura should have established itself as a brand among sound enthusiasts. With consistent further development, new products are constantly being brought onto the market: they are not just imitations of previous versions, but actual upgrades - including the new NuraTrue Pro. 

There's no question: Laying out around 360 euros for Bluetooth earplugs on the counter makes even real sound fanatics hard to swallow. The new model of true wireless ear buds from Nura is definitely located in the luxury segment and is priced in a league with plugs like the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II or the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX. However, the NuraTrue Pro retains a major unique selling point: the new buds also use an otoacoustic hearing test to offer the user the best possible sound.

NuraTrue Pro: Another step up

The Australian sound specialists at Nura now stand for good sound when it comes to music, mobile gaming or streaming. The ear buds can not only be paired with the smartphone, but with almost all devices that play sound and have at least one USB port - then you can establish a connection with a separately available Bluetooth transmitter. But more on that later. First of all, the NuraTrue Pro test should be about getting an idea of ​​the quality of the earplugs. 

nuratrue pro test 4

The Nuratrue Pro come well equipped - here including the separately available transmitter, which also comes with an adapter to USB-A and an analogue microphone. Photo: Volkman

The audio accessory manufacturer has repeatedly proven that the technical idea behind Nura works, initially with the Nura Nuraphones Over Ear Noise Canceling Headphones as well as later the NuraTrue True Wireless Ear Buds. As a cost-effective solution, the NuraBuds also offer wireless in-ear headphones for well under 100 euros. The model that has now been released forms the exact contrast: Real sound enthusiasts are addressed, who also pay a bit for quality. 

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The advantages of the NuraTrue Pro remain conceptual: the portable in-ear plugs including the charging box are handy, but offer a rich sound. This was already the case with the NuraTrue. The central question was therefore: could the model be improved at all? 

You can, as it quickly turned out. The significantly better processing quality is noticeable at first glance. On the other hand, the NuraTrue Pro are 1,2 grams heavier per earplug, but you don't notice that in the ears. On the contrary: the wearing comfort is excellent. The ear buds are tight and seal the hearing well from external influences, which is particularly relevant in combination with the noise-cancelling mode. 

All features of the NuraTrue Pro:

  • First Bluetooth headphones with individual hearing profile and lossless playback in CD quality on the market
  • Supports aptX Lossless Audio (backwards compatible with aptX Adaptive/Classic, AAC, SBC)
  • Automatic, otoacoustic hearing test adapts the sound individually to the user
  • ProEQ: Personal hearing profile can be customized manually
  • Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation for an undisturbed and even listening experience
  • Eight microphones for ideal call quality (two with bone conduction technology)
  • Innovative Technologies: Social Mode, Immersion Mode, Side Touch Buttons
  • Battery life: up to eight hours, with charging case up to 32 hours in total
  • After an hour, the charging case is fully charged
  • Charging case has a USB-C connection and is qi-compatible
  • Bluetooth 5.3, multipoint technology
  • Free app for iOS (from iOS 9.3 and Bluetooth 4) and Android (from 5.0 and Bluetooth 4) for managing the hearing profile
  • Box contents: NuraTrue Pro, qi-compatible charging case, USB-A to USB-C charging cable, 4 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes, 2 pairs of detachable wing tips, 1 pair of foam ear tips
  • Purchase of a NuraTrue Pro includes a free 90-day trial of the streaming service provider's HiFi Plus subscription Tidal.

You will appreciate the NuraTrue Pro after just a few tones - this also applies to the amount of money invested in the headphones. The main reason is still the innovative sound personalization technology with which Nura underpinned a successful Kickstarter debut in its first market appearance. In 2017, the headband headphones were the first models ever to use such a trick. Making the leap into mini format is a minor technological feat. 

Manufacturer Nura explains in a video how the technology behind the otoacoustic measurement works:

What is new with the NuraTrue Pro is the lossless wireless sound transmission (Qualcomm's aptX Lossless Audio Codec). This goes hand in hand with a significantly better connection stability: the previous models sometimes had difficulties keeping the connection to the device constant, but this is no longer a problem with the new Pro version. Bluetooth 5.3 is a safe bet. 

Technical specifications:

  • Battery: Eight hours of battery life, charging case up to 32 hours of battery life
  • Weight: 8.6 grams per earphone
  • Headphone dimensions: 25 x 25 x 22 mm
  • Dimensions of the charging box: 72.4 x 30.2 x 35 millimeters / 51.2 g
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.3, multipoint technology; Qualcomm High Speed ​​technology
  • Scope of delivery of the NuraTrue Pro, 1x USB-A to USB-C charging cable, 1x charging case, four pairs of ear tips in different sizes and two pairs of detachable wing tips, one pair of foam ear tips

Sound fans with Nura experience can already see from the specifications that the new model offers a bit more of everything: The battery life is two hours longer, the charging case even supplies the buds with energy for eight hours more compared to the previous model . That sounds like trivial things, but ultimately leads to significantly more comfort in everyday life. Using it longer also means charging less. Although the latter is pretty quick: it only takes about an hour for the small black box to be completely filled. You can charge in the classic way via USB-C connection or completely wirelessly due to QI compatibility.

What is striking in a direct comparison to the predecessor is the significantly better workmanship. The appearance of the ear buds remains the same, but the edges of the plate base have been pimped with a shiny ring. The concept of operation through touch combinations is also retained with the Nura True Pro: with a typical single tap or double or triple tap n you can control the music playback or, if desired, switch the social mode on or off very simply and during use . Holding is also possible to operate user options. They can be configured via the associated app. Speaking of applications: Nothing works without them. The hearing measurement at the start is mandatory - however, the purchase would make little sense without this unique feature. 

nuratrue pro test 5

The Bluetooth 5.3 transmitter fits the NuraTrue Pro. An optional accessory that can be used with many devices from the PC to the Nintendo Switch. Photo: Volkman

A small shortcoming of the technology: In order to actually be able to use lossless audio, you need a suitable end device, for example a smartphone of the current generation. The technology works with the Google Pixel 7 or the models of the S23 series from Samsung, among others, and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (our text device) is also compatible.

This is where the already mentioned Bluetooth transmitter from Nura comes into play. This allows computers or consoles - from the Nintendo Switch to Playstation 5 - to be connected at least almost loss-free. At least hearing won't be able to tell any difference: the Bluetooth transmitter supports the Qualcomm aptX Adaptive codec, which belongs to the aptX Lossless Audio codec "family" and ensures good transmission quality. Strictly speaking, however, this is not "lossless". 

The combination of Nura's in-house transmitter and the current generation of ear buds is nevertheless useful in order to be able to use the powerful plugs almost at will. 

Practical, modern, unique

The possibility of entering into several device connections is also practical. In this way, the NuraTrue Pro can be used on the fly – first on the PC, then on the smartphone and later on the TV. This is not a unique selling point, other models offer similar features, but it rounds off the overall package. Because: Technology fans don't have to do without these true wireless buds. This applies to the performance of the "Active Noise Cancelling" alone. Other manufacturers, such as Apple with its AirPods Pro, are a bit ahead here. The shortcoming: ANC cannot simply be switched off, although there is a social mode, it cannot be compared to completely switching off the technology. However, this is complaining on a high level, because conversations can be held so easily, and you also get enough of your surroundings to get through traffic safely when it matters. 

And the sound? Excellent as always. The highs are comparatively clear for such small headphones, the lows are powerful. Everything can also be fine-tuned so that the sound can still be adjusted after the otoacoustic measurement has been completed. With the bass, you can even overdo it with the small plugs - if you want to. The NuraTrue Pro also manages the midtones without any problems. The sound is clean and musical details can be heard even in busy arrangements with many instruments. That was already a great strength of the previous models. 

nuratrue pro test 3

The new Nuratrue Pro have a nice shiny ring at the edge of the plate. Photo: Volkman

The 10 mm driver does a lot, effortlessly manages the frequency range from 20 to 40.000 Hertz. Nura has technically put everything into the NuraTrue Pro and you can tell that from the in-ear plugs. The makers don't make any blunders, except for the shortcoming in the ANC mode. The sound can keep up with large headband headphones, the wearing comfort is excellent due to the design around the ear cup wings. Provided your own ear anatomy makes wearing in-ear plugs possible at all. You really have to try it out here. The price is steep at around 360 euros, but there is also a lot of modern audio technology and a rich sound. In any case, the NuraTrue Pro is a lot more fun than the direct predecessor model (NuraTrue) - again with music, streaming and gaming. 

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