Their children's games hobby is a mystery to many parents: What is it that fascinates you about games and e-sports? Can you learn something by playing? When can a hobby become a problem and how do I recognize age-appropriate computer games? These questions and practical tips for media education are the focus of the online workshop "Gaming & Esports" by the "E-Sports Player Foundation" for interested parents on June 24 from 18 to 20 p.m.

The workshop is organized by Deutsche Telekom and the esports player foundation - the sport sponsorship for esports in Germany. The new event aims to provide background information and convey strategies on how parents and children can use the opportunities offered by gaming and at the same time gain an understanding of the risks. In addition to lectures with practical recommendations for action, the workshop offers plenty of opportunities for questions and discussions. Participation is free. Registrations are at short notice here is possible.

Moderated expert from the specialist agency for youth media culture in North Rhine-Westphalia

Daniel Heinz, Head of the Digital Games Department at the Department for Youth Media Culture of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Jörg Adami, Co-Founder of the esports player foundation, will host the evening. As guests there are Lidia Grashof, permanent representative of the Supreme State Youth Authorities for the entertainment software self-control (USK), and Joél Beyer from the game advisor NRW.

The esports player foundation was founded in early 2020 and will accompany more than 2021 talents and professionals on their way to the top of the world by the end of 150. The esports player foundation supports the ambitious players with targeted in-game coaching and a wide range of offers such as nutritional advice, sports psychological advice, fitness and media training and financial help. More information on the funding modules is available at

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