Since December 8, 2022, the provider Paramount+ has been part of the German-language streaming service. A look at the repertoire of the US streaming service promises the best entertainment in home cinema. New series, thrilling films, popcorn cinema and gripping shows await you in February 2023 as well. Classics, documentaries, children's films or blockbusters are shown here on the screen at home. You can find an exciting overview of all Paramount Plus innovations in February 2023 in our calendar.

The Paramount+ streaming service is aimed at every age group. In terms of programming, fans of science fiction films in particular will get their money's worth. This is how Paramount+ secured the rights to the new Star Trek series Strange New World and the films of the universe. Titles such as Top Gun: Maverick, Scream 5 with actress Jenna Ortega and the must-see classic Pulp Fiction offer a concentrated load of cinematic highlights. In February 2023, new releases will appear in the program in almost all genres and subgenres.

There are a number of ways to subscribe to the Paramount Plus service. By booking via the streaming service, you can choose between a monthly subscription for around €8 per month or an annual subscription for around €80. For film fans who have subscribed to Prime, the channel also costs around €8 per month. For Sky Q users, Paramount+ is included in the cinema package. A test phase of seven days is currently being offered to interested parties. During this time, all paid content from the provider can be used. Paramount Plus can be used on Android and iOS mobile devices, on most smart TVs and streaming devices (Amazon, Apple, Google, Roku and Samsung) and via the Sky Q app. In February 2023, viewers can expect new films and series.

February 2023: What's new at Paramount+

Film and series highlights are also announced at Paramount+ in February 2023. With the A Thin Line series, another German-language Paramount in-house production will be shown on domestic screens from February 16th. The thriller series with a red-hot cyber topic is about the twin sisters Anna and Benni, who as hackers uncover crimes against the environment and climate on an anonymous online platform. The activists are exposed in one of their cyber attacks on governments. Anna is arrested by the BKA, while Benni manages to escape. Gradually she gets caught up in a maelstrom of radicalisation. She becomes part of the terrorist group The Last Stand. Anna, on the other hand, allows herself to be persuaded to work in the BKA's cybercrime unit. Suddenly, the sisters become opponents. That promises TV fans a lot of exciting conflicts. For connoisseurs: So far, Paramount+ has released the comedy series Spotlight, the reality show Germany Shore, the dramedy Der Scheich and Simon Beckett's - Die Chemie des Todes as regional in-house productions.

The program on Paramount+ with regard to the new films and series in February 2023 is impressive again. A lot is offered to fans. 

The new series at Paramount+ in February 2023

Date(s) Title
01 February 2023 From Cradle to Stage – Documentary|Music (since 2021)
03 February 2023 Your Honor - Season 2 - Crime|Thriller (since 2020)
03 February 2023 The Followers – comedy|thriller (since 2022)
14 February 2023 The Challenge: All Stars - Season 3 - Reality (since 2021)
16 February 2023 A Thin Line – Thriller|Drama (2023 Premiere)
21 February 2023 Rise of the Billionaires – Documentary (since 2022)
February  SkyMedc drama (2022-present)

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All new movies on Paramount+ in February 2023

Date(s) Title
03 February 2023 Blue's Big City Adventure - Comedy|Musical (2022)
04 February 2023 Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin – Horror|Thriller (2021)
06 February 2023 Honor Society - Comedy|Romance (2022)
08 February 2023 Bree Wayy: Promise, Witness, Remembrance – Documentary (2021)
08 February 2023 Lynching Postcards: Token of a Great Day – Documentary (2021)
08 February 2023 RIP T-Shirts – Short Film (2021)
11 February 2023 Liver Hook - Drama (2021)
15 February 2023 Hunger Ward - Documentary (2020)
15 February 2023 The Day the Music Died: The Story of Don McLean's American Pie – Documentary (2022)
22 February 2023 Love, Tom – Documentary (2022)
25 February 2023 Willi and the Miracle Toad – Family (2021)
28 February 2023 Dragging the Classics: The Brady Bunch – Special (2021)
Paranormal Activity: Next Of Kin - A documentary filmmaker follows Margot to an Amish community. She hopes to learn something about her family there. But it soon turns out that nothing is as it seems here. Image: Paramount

Paranormal Activity: Next Of Kin - A documentary filmmaker follows Margot to an Amish community. She hopes to learn something about her family. But it quickly turns out: Nothing is as it seems here! Image: Paramount

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