The publishing house Pegasus Spiele is releasing three board game innovations in spring, including two titles for connoisseurs (Cubitos and City of Angels) as well as Stronghold Undead, a game aimed at experts. The three new products are expected to appear in February and March 2021, respectively.

Epic battles, a dice race and a gangster hunt, this is how Pegasus Spiele will thematically overwrite the board games program for connoisseurs and experts in spring 2021. That hits the mark: The publisher has announced the titles Stronghold Undead, Cubitos and City of Angels as innovations.

Pegasus' new board games for spring

All three titles are conspicuous, both visually and thematically. The strategic dice racing game Cubitos and the crime game City of Angels, which is set in Los Angeles in the 1940s and simulates real witness interviews with a new system, are both aimed at connoisseurs. In addition, Pegasus Spiele is expected to launch the expert game Stronghold Undead from sales partner Portal Games in February. Two players fight an epic battle with the undead over a holy relic.

Spring novelty: Cubitos

Cubitos is a game for experts. Image: Pegasus

Cubitos is a game for experts. Image: Pegasus

You can see it at first glance with this new board game: Everything on Cubitos is cube-shaped – including the team of players with which their – at least almost cube-shaped – game piece takes part in the annual “Cube Cup”. The aim of the board game, as in every race, is to win first place.

However, this title has a different approach compared to classic racing and running games. In Cubitos, players use teams of dice to move their character along one of four possible racetracks. "Everyone starts with the same support team, i.e. the same nine dice," says Pegasus Spiele, describing the initial situation. "However, to keep up the race, they need to grow and improve their team as the game progresses."

Players need luck and strategy because the symbols rolled in a round allow the pawn to move across the track and buy new dice. Cubitos comes from John D. Clair (including Space Base or Mystic Vale) and is essentially a colorful racing game for two to four players, ages ten and up.

Ten suggested races for different levels of experience as well as the "Free Race" mode provide variety on the gaming table. According to Pegasus Spiele, Cubitos is expected to be released in February 2021. Cubitos costs just under 50 euros.

City of Angels: New for connoisseurs in the spring program

City of Angels can be played in different variations. Image: Pegasus

City of Angels can be played in different variations. Image: Pegasus

Pegasus Games continues to focus on crime and detective story games. After titles like Detectives, the board game City of Fishing now invites you to investigate. Nine unique criminal cases must be solved by up to five investigators in the "City of Angels". The city of Los Angeles is meant in the 1940s.

Players take on the role of LAPD investigators ready to do whatever it takes to successfully complete a case. However, City of Angels is not quite as classic as previous detective games: "In the classic version, one of the players takes on the role of the prick who tries to stop or mislead the players through bluffs, manipulations and lies," writes Pegasus Spiele about that trick , which makes City of Angels special. To do this, the chosen villain uses a new type of system: an interrogation is designed with the adaptive answer cards and is intended to be more varied and lifelike, since the suspect can react in different ways.

This allows the suspect to disrupt or advance the investigation. Nine cases are included in the board game, and they unfold differently depending on the playgroup and approach. In addition to the version for three to five players, a solo version is included, and City of Angels can also be played as a duel in which either one player plays alone against the "prick" or several investigators solve the case cooperatively.

City of Angels was the brainchild of Evan Derrick, who also wrote Dark Moon. Pegasus Spiele specifies March 2021 as the release date for City of Angelns. The price for the City of Angels is around 70 euros.

Stronghold Undead: A new board game for the undead

Stronghold Undead was originally funded through Kickstarter. Image: Pegasus

Stronghold Undead was originally funded through Kickstarter. Image: Pegasus

Beat the undead and secure a valuable relic, that is the well-known basic premise of the board game Stronghold Undead. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, the new, revised version of one of Ignacy Trzewiczek's most themed games: Stronghold Undead is expected to appear in March. Portal Games had collected around 2.000 US dollars from over 140.000 supporters via crowdfunding, with a target of 35.000 US dollars.

The expert game for players ages 14 and up combines the Stronghold basic game with the Undead expansion and turns it into an independent game. Two players face each other: the necromancer Arkhton with his army of the undead and the soldiers or residents of the pearl castle who are ready to defend their beliefs and the sacred relic of the pearl castle by all means.

The goals of the game follow directly from this: If Arkhton manages to break through the walls of the fortress before the end of the eighth round, he wins the game. And so the defenders try in each round to repel the attacks of the undead and the powerful spells of Arkhton.

Clever: Each spell gives the defenders more time to make their own preparations. In addition, the defender receives hourglass tokens that he can spend on various actions within the fortress. If the defender manages to hold the fortress all night - until the end of the eighth round - he wins.

Then what happens often with the undead happens: they crumble into dust and ashes. It is no different with the actually powerful Nekro Arkhton. The break of day means nothing good to him. Stronghold Undead is an asymmetrical game with a multitude of options and strategies that plays completely differently depending on whether the player embodies the role of the attacker or the defender. The board game costs around 60 euros.

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