In autumn/winter 2022, gamers can look forward to numerous events by and with Pegasus Spiele. In addition to the in-house online convention CONspiracy, there are also many other physical gaming events and trade fairs. The SPIELWIESN in Munich will start next weekend. Free promos and numerous innovations to try out await at the Pegasus Games Stand.

The 11th SPIELWIESN will take place in Munich from November 13th to 29th. The big family and cultural event offers three days of entertainment for game fans in southern Germany. At the Pegasus Games stand (Hall 4-D02), interested parties of all ages can try out many new autumn and winter products.

From villages to spaceships

For example Dorfromantik - Das Brettspiel, the analogue implementation of the successful video game of the same name developed by Michael Palm and Lukas Zach. In the peaceful, cooperative construction and puzzle game, it is the task of the players to build up a landscape together and to take into account the wishes of the population. If they succeed, they can unlock more content for future games. Those who prefer sci-fi action can register as recruits for the IPA, the Interplanetary Alliance, and try out the first mission of the action game Spaceship Unity in the training simulator. In the game by Ulrich Blum and Jens Merkl, the entire apartment is transformed into a spaceship and everyday objects into spaceship systems that the players have to operate.

In addition to numerous innovations, visitors can also look forward to free promos, such as the promo case for MicroMacro: Crime City - Full House, promo cards for various Munchkin parts and new characters for werewolves and Nidavellir. Additional game materials for Krasse Kacke, Roll Player, Istanbul and Cooper Island are also waiting, as well as the Kitchen Rush cookbook by and for gamers and the history of the Bonfire world as a brochure for browsing.

Mannheim plays (November 12th/13th) will also take place this coming weekend. Here, too, visitors can look forward to games, including numerous innovations, from Pegasus Spiele, as well as playing at Darmstadt on the following weekend (November 19th/20th). Two days full of role-playing games and excursions into the fantastic world of games await those who are interested on November 19th and 20th at the Dreieich Con. And December also starts in a playful way with the in-house online convention CONspiracy from December 1st to 4.12th. All information about CONspiracy also at

Pegasus Games is looking forward to a fun-filled autumn and winter! All events from and with Pegasus Games also under

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